Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn, Fall is arriving!

The Autumn has arrived! ;-)
Today was the first morning with this fresh cold wind. A bit chilly, but nice! In my garden some of the trees have started their colouring and that also means that my album is close to finnish and my tour will soon be up... The first concert is on the 13th of November and then the album is out on the 15th. I am very much lookning forward to all the concerts and to see this beautiful country of Norway from the South to the North and meet my audience again! I guess at the end we will have snow and not much daylight.... Maybe we will get to see the Northern Lights?
Have a wonderful autumn, fall! Get out in the fresh cold air and enjoy!
Take care!




Stenar said...

I love how you always post photos. Thanks for sharing. ;)


Anonymous said...

:-) hei, ja klar god luft og klarere vann i fjorden også :-)
Fargerikt ennå, men sist natt ble det et par minusgrader, så nå går det fort mot brunt, og kansje snart hvitt :-)
Fin vinter blir det. Særlig den første delen. Nærmere bestemt rundt midten av november. Den blir bare så helbra! Gleder meg så :-D
Takk for høstbilde og koselige ord.
Ha det så bra kjære Sissel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
The colours look so beautiful with the flowers in your garden.Iam looking forward to New cd and Book,which Ishall get God Willing in Stavanger in Nov.Ihave to have Surgery in October,so God Willing Iwill be ok to make it for concert.Hope you are in good health and are keeping happy and all your family also.See you in Stavanger.
Best Wishes.
Liam Wilson.

rtmajohnson said...

Hello Sissel. I found you by accident on youtube about a month ago. I can't stop listening to your music. Your voice and beauty are so breathe taking. My 12 year old son had one of your cd covers in his hands. He said "Mom what makes her so pretty?" I said "it's her eyes and her smile." He took his two thumbs and covered your eyes and mouth. he said "she's still pretty!" I had to laugh. My 14 year old daughter asked me to put your music on her ipod last night. She says you are relaxing to listen to . I have to agree. I hope some day you make it back to the USA. Maybe even Dayton, Ohio. We have an awesome performing arts center. Have a wonderful tour, and a Blessed holiday season. Stay healthy!

rtmajohnson said...

Hello Sissel,
I forgot to mention that I love the revamped website. Twitter and Facebook? How lucky are we that you are keeping us up to date on your life? Got a question about the Northern Lights. I have read that Svalbard island is the best place to view them. Is this true? What time of year is the best for viewing? My daughter & I are going to take a trip some day to see those amazing lights. I hope you get to see them on your tour. Peace and love.

geir said...

I think I'm gonna faint! ;) TWO posts in close succession :DD How long will the tour go for?! Will there be any concerts between 21.12 & 19.1!?!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

thank you so much for the beautiful picture! It is great news that you will give a concert in Oslo Spektrum on saturday, 20 november! Of course we can't stay at home that weekend - so we have booked a flight to see you on stage! We just have to wait 51 days...

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Sweet Sissel ,I will be the first in line to get your new CD ,have been waiting patiently ..Are you writting a book as well? You seem to love life so much, enjoying your music & the world around, you see the beauty in everything.. I understand why your fans love you so much you are down to earth, so warm and sincere..thank you for the beautiful music you give us ..
your fan Mary

MY said...

Dear Sissel,
Greetings from Malaysia! Glad to see that your blog is active again - have been checking in the past few months but found little activity.
Am a new fan - very glad to have stumbled onto your music. For a long time the only songs of yours I've ever heard were 'You Raise Me Up' and 'Summer Snow', those being the only songs that seem to be marketed in my country. I had no idea your range of music was so vast. Thank you so much for making such beautiful music, it certainly has changed my life. Have an amazing Fall!

Carole Law said...

Hi Sissel thank you for posting on your blog it is beautiful to read about your country Norway especially if you are hoping to see the northern lights perhaps you can post a Piccie on here if you do manage to catch a glimpse of them one of the many wonders of the world.

You truly have a voice of an angel i could listen to you all day .... Best wishes from England i hope to see you one day live in tour .....

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
Have just heard first single from new album-Welcome Home-and its a beautiful melody.Hope your pre album tour is going well.See you in Stavenger,and Stockholm.
Best wishes,
Liam Wilson.

Grace Beck said...

Dear Sissel, please come to Malaysia and sing the song 'Love Changes Everything' for me. Your are an angel and second to none. Love loads...