Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello dear friends, 

Hope you are all well! Thanks for all messages! 
I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you again. Been very busy! 
Now I am her in my own beloved hometown, Bergen! 
The most amazing sunny weather! This town is so beautiful!
Yesterday we had our first concert as the trio of Trygve on the piano, Geir on guitars and myself on vocal. Wow! That was so fun and a really enjoyable evening for us! The picture is from the rehearsal. 
What a special place to sing and perform. 
I am so much looking forward to this evenings concert. Leaving in half an hour. 
Yesterday before the concert Trygve and I got a special treat: Lizzie , who lives in Edvard Griegs home, took us up at the roof of the house. What a view! It is said that Grieg had an herb and vegetable garden up there..... Hm..
I will write some more later... now I have to rush and make myself ready for take off!

Take care!