Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back again!- Hello!

Hello dear friends!

What a swim!.... That took a while....  ;-)
Well, I haven't had the time to write here lately, sorry about that. School has started and a lot of work and traveling. I do hope you all had a wonderful summer!
 Right now I have returned back from one of my many trips and it is so wonderful to feel the crispy air and this very bright light outside. The autumn is here, even though summer time is trying not to give in....not yet.
I was up in the mountains with my family not long ago, and the colors were changing. We went hiking and the first thin layer of snow was laying on top of the mountains. It was so beautiful with all these warm colors and the first hello from Mr Winter. 
I am trying to get some pictures from my summertour out on the page, but everything takes time....
I did a concert for a big company in Norway and that took place in the  Nidaros Domen in Trondheim. What a treat! That cathedral is so wonderful to sing in and I haven't sung there since the Royal wedding of Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn. It was piano ( Kjetil Bjerkestrand), choir (the same as on the Northern Lights dvd/cd) and me.  A friend of mine sent me this picture, and now I would like to share this with you. Well, I am the long dot on the  left... Hard to see maybe...

Till next time... 
Have a wonderful time! And enjoy the coming of the autumn.