Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello dear friends! 

A brand new year! 2009!
I started my first days of the new year with some of my dearest friends. I have made myself some new goals for the new year. Not long ago I read Dalai Lama's words for last year, and one of them was:  'Once a year, go some place that you have never been before'.  I will do that!
For the time my prays and thoughts go to the children and their families who are suffering from the consequences of the war in the Middle East. I have a friend who is there working, and to hear him telling me about the fear that he sees in the eyes of the children and the people who live there , makes it even stronger to watch the news. 'The bombs kill children too' a little girl's poster said. I do hope and pray that the war and the bombing will end soon and they start talking instead! 

Hope you are filled with good thoughts and expectations and dreams for the new year!  
Happy new year! 
- from Norway and me.