Monday, June 23, 2008

St Hans

Hello dear friends!

tonight is the night here in Norway and Denmark where we celebrate St. Hans (named after the Johannes the Baptist). This is two customs put together a far as I know.
 The celebration of the new life , the spring, which had arrived and where the fire was meant to 'clear' the sky , the air from the cold winter ,force the bad, the dangerous and fearsome away. Burn the winter away, and celebrate the summer light. Then there is the celebration of Johannes the Baptist's birthday which is said to be on June 24. Because  we have a tradition here of celebrating seasonal days the night before, (as we do at Christmas in the evening of December 24th. ) the celebration is on the 23th. This is the perfect day to have a wonderful time together in the beautiful Nordic summer night. So the bun fires are to be seen all over the country and along the long coast line tonight.  
Have a great St Hans!


ps. Some have asked me what the music in the background on my page is. It is a special version of the song 'Hallowed Mountains' , from 'Northern Lights' album.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beginning of summer'08

Hello dear friends!

Got back from two great experiences with the first 2 concerts of this summer. 
We were very lucky with the weather as the weather had changed from a warm lovely summer to a cold and wet summer. We had sunshine on both concerts! 
It is always a bit exciting on the first shows with some new songs and how they respond.  I think it all went very well and I am very happy with the results.  It was so fun! 
We arrived at 3 o'clock in the morning in Årdal after a long busdrive from Jessheim right outside Oslo. Wow I was tired! We arrived in daylight, cause the sun was up.  
Waking up the next morning to this beautiful view of the fjord and mountains with spots of snow at the top , was breathtaking. Incredible beautiful! And it was warm and very nice!
The picture is of me by the stage (and back stage). That's also the view the audience had. Å Vestland, vestland! 
I feel so lucky and blessed to travel and work in this beautiful country!
Next stop is Rosendal. Another heartbreaking beauty, and another kind of concert. A piano, guitar and the voice. It will be so intimate and cosy! I can hardly wait! A true tradition as we would  say in Bergen. (When something has been done twice, it is a tradition.)
Take care and enjoy the light and the summer!