Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preparing my tour for Denmark

Hello friends!

Hope life is good to you all!
I am now in the middle of preparing my tour for Denmark. Rehearsals next week with my band, and that is very exciting. I hope we will get the chance to play some new songs that we have been working on. The concerts is inspired by the beautiful light we have during our four seasons here in the North. And outside now there is this intense light of autumn! Ah!
I am also working on a program for purchase.( A little extra memory from the concert). I will have pictures and a story from the year that is soon over. A year of many great experiences! This picture is from this summer! Sidsel(harp), Ã…shild (violin) and myself, and one of the boys sneaking in in the background..... It was I recall, very fresh air! We just had to go out in the snow! A couple of hours before we had been by the fjord in light summer clothes.

But now it is autumn and I do love this crispy air and bright sun, and the storms and rain showers! As long as there is a nice mix of them!

I do hope that you all will have some time to enjoy this beautiful time of year. 

Take care!