Monday, April 28, 2008

Indianapolis and Washington

Hello again dear friends!

Time for traveling to Washington D.C. 
We have had a wonderful time here in Indianapolis. Found some great tracks for a short jogging trip this morning. It's important to try and keep fit along the way. 
I got a note saying that my pictures was a bit unsharp, well that is because most of them are taken with a cellphone. The pics are not always as good as with a real digital camera. But I thought that it is nice for you to see what goes on anyway.  
......... Landed in Washington and WOW! I haven't seen so much green since last summer! How refreshing it is for the mind to see the spring has arrived! I bet the trees have changed into this very bright green color at home too! So this picture is from my hotel room! Green, green, green! Tomorrow is our last concert before heading home, strange how time just flies.  

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kansas City and Detroit

Hello dear friends! 

Thanks for all kind words about (my cat and) our concerts! I'll pass on your messages!
Sitting at our hotel here in Detroit, that is very close to the airport.......Hm.. We had a day off yesterday that was used as traveling day. It feels good to relax and wash clothes before the concert today. 
It is very exciting to be in Motown's hometown! The pity is that there is no time for sightseeing, so I have to come back and do the tourist tour some other time.
In Kansas City we were at the Folly theatre. That was so beautiful! What an interesting history. I feel so lucky to see all these wonderful old theaters that you have here in the US. They are so great to perform in. Here you see me outside my dressing-room, pre-signing  the cd's that was to be sold in the intermission. Time was too short for me to do a signing after the concert. 

 Good with some new energy! And another positive thing; I am now in the same time zone as the people living here! I am so much looking forward to the concert today.

Take care

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the road again

Hello again and welcome to my new web page and blog!

I am so excited about it! I think it is so beautiful! Of corse there will be some editing along the way, there are always some things that can be better!
We have started the tour, and the first concert in Des Moines went really well! What a beautiful theatre! We all enjoyed playing there!
Now I have just come back from our concert here in St Louis at the Sheldon Theatre. I love singing in that theatre! So intimate and there is so much personality in that room.

What we have here on this US tour, as on the one before, is what we call 'meet and greet'. That means that I meet and say a short hello to some of the audiences , a picture taken and a little greeting. I like it! The people are so wonderful!
Maybe I will see or meet you next time? 

Sending you a picture of one of my cats watching tv........ I think I'll do the same now, without watching tv!

Take care! Hope to see you at a concert one day!