Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kansas City and Detroit

Hello dear friends! 

Thanks for all kind words about (my cat and) our concerts! I'll pass on your messages!
Sitting at our hotel here in Detroit, that is very close to the airport.......Hm.. We had a day off yesterday that was used as traveling day. It feels good to relax and wash clothes before the concert today. 
It is very exciting to be in Motown's hometown! The pity is that there is no time for sightseeing, so I have to come back and do the tourist tour some other time.
In Kansas City we were at the Folly theatre. That was so beautiful! What an interesting history. I feel so lucky to see all these wonderful old theaters that you have here in the US. They are so great to perform in. Here you see me outside my dressing-room, pre-signing  the cd's that was to be sold in the intermission. Time was too short for me to do a signing after the concert. 

 Good with some new energy! And another positive thing; I am now in the same time zone as the people living here! I am so much looking forward to the concert today.

Take care


Joaninha said...

Hello, Sissel! I love your voice and think that your face beautiful! Sorry, I don't speak english...I'm brazilian girl. I cry when listen to your voice...Titanic was perfect with your wonderful voice! Kiss and bye bye =]

Joana Guimarães

Anonymous said...

Hestehov og hvitveis,
sommerfugl og blåmeis.
Fuglesang og froskekvekk,
nå er kulden snart helt vekk.
Vinter fraktes bort i bekk.
Naturen er i løpetid,
ingen kan den stanse.
Ta deg tid til å sanse,
kansje vil du danse?

Hjemmesnekret vårhilsen,

Christine said...

Hello Sissel,

Nice to hear from you and all of the great comments you are getting on your performance.

We love your cat... how very very cute! What is his/her name? We have one cat named Saffy (very smart and sweet) and two naughty dogs.

I am glad to hear that you enjoy so much doing your laundry :) everyone here had a great time reading your blog and seeing that you are enjoying so much your trip.

Your concerts are fantastic and we are keeping here such a great memory of meeting you in February in Connecticut. We will hope that we will see you again sometime.

We are planning a trip here to Europe this July to visit my parents in France, we will stop four days in Iceland on the way back. But it will be too bright at night to see the northern lights!!!

Hope to see you soon,

Christine, Cassandra and Rebecca

Ivo said...

hello again sissel!

great to see you are doing so well on your tour! i am really happy for you! :-)

one thing about the Northern Lights CD: physically and musically, i mean the CD is great, but the plastic wrapping was really weird! when I bought it [the first week when it came out ;-)] the top plastic sticker that said "Sissel: Northern Lights" that held the case shut was really hard to remove! after taking the sticker off, all that sticky residue remained, and I had to take it off with acetone... very weird.

if you like motown, you should try and see if you could record a song or two with the legendary Michael McDonald! he revitalized motown in the ears of America in 2003 through today with 4 great CD releases; I think you'd love working with him.

i wish you the best of luck! take care sissel!


Anonymous said...

Hi again Sissel,Great to see tour is going so well,and you are having a good time.You deserve all your success.You are looking great.Hope the weather is better over there,not like here in Dublin right now,heavy rain thunder and
lightning.Congrats on grammy nominations,you are a winner.....
Take Care,Keep smiling...
Liam Wilson

Ángel said...

Regards, Sissel.

You live through your tours from the simplicity of a singer who loves what it(he,she) does.

You are a worker full of light. Your voice is full of magic. You can create worlds with four notes.

At some time will you come to Spain?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel, It was such a pleasure to meet you in Kansas city ,your voice is so wonderful,and the music you choose to sing is perfect ..the meet and greet was deffently a milestone event in my life ,you are so very beautiful .. hope you enjoyed the CD i gave you ,and that you find some music to sing ,i love all that music and would love to hear you sing it ... Your Fan Mary