Monday, April 28, 2008

Indianapolis and Washington

Hello again dear friends!

Time for traveling to Washington D.C. 
We have had a wonderful time here in Indianapolis. Found some great tracks for a short jogging trip this morning. It's important to try and keep fit along the way. 
I got a note saying that my pictures was a bit unsharp, well that is because most of them are taken with a cellphone. The pics are not always as good as with a real digital camera. But I thought that it is nice for you to see what goes on anyway.  
......... Landed in Washington and WOW! I haven't seen so much green since last summer! How refreshing it is for the mind to see the spring has arrived! I bet the trees have changed into this very bright green color at home too! So this picture is from my hotel room! Green, green, green! Tomorrow is our last concert before heading home, strange how time just flies.  


Ivo said...

hey there dear sissel!

i just came back from Washington actually... totally beautiful city. i left DC just before the rains came! from what i've heard on the news and the picture you posted, it looks really wet over there!

i wish you a safe journey back home sissel!

lots of admiration from here in california,


Anonymous said...

Hei igjen Sissel, og takk for dine fine stemningsrapporter :)
Du skal vite at vi er mange som setter STOR PRIS på det å få lov til å følge deg, ved å få innblikk i hvordan ting ser ut fra ditt ståsted. Det er ingen selvsagt ting, så igjen takk fordi du tar deg tid. Det er så utrolig hyggelig og snilt gjort av deg. Jeg håper hilsner og tilbakemeldinger gjør dette til en hyggelig ting for deg også, slik at du føler for å fortsette med det. (Jeg kan forøvrig ikke forstå annet enn at kvaliteten på bildene er bra nok til den bruken de er ment som.)
Lykke til med avslutningen av USA- turen kjære Sissel, og god reise tilbake ønskes deg og resten av laget,

nadia said...

Hiya Sissel,

Thanks for the info, regarding your pictures.

Ooh Washington. I was there 10-11 years ago, travelled there, from New York, to D.C. What a contrast.
New York was at autumn, warm and sunny. Washington was cold and rainy.

But I loved both places.

Nadia, Copenhagen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

As your tour in the USA nears the end, it is with mixed emotions when I say goodbye to you and your band. On the one hand, time has passed so quickly, and I am sad to see you leave. On the other hand, we Americans are blessed that you have been here not just once this year, but twice to share your unique and beautiful musical entertainment.

Though I have not had the opportunity to attend any of your concerts, everyday I have read the Blog on your official website. That experience has made me more thoughtful and, therefore, appreciative of the hard work, personal sacrifice, and occasional danger (such as bad weather and traffic conditions) that you and your fellow travelers endure for the sake of what you must love to do: create beautiful music and memories that will last a lifetime. (Or last forever if you record it for everyone else who can't be there with you!!!)

May you all have a safe journey back to your homes, families, and friends.

(PS - Sissel, that picture of you smiling while sitting on the floor outside your dressing room autographing CDs, made me smile when I first saw it, but not in an unkind way. The picture simply reminded me of another reason I like you. You seem so down to earth, easy going, and nice. Please don't change; we love you that way.

Best wishes always,


jajvennett said...

Dear Sissel,
My wife and I were at your concert at the Birchmere here in Alexandria, Virginia last night. We were so happy and overwhelmed to hear you and your band perform. We enjoyed it very much!

My wife and I lost our little baby son at the end of the 6th month of her pregnancy in February, and during your performance of "Like An Angel Passing Through" I was reduced to sobbing. The song hit me like it never has before; and although I was sad, toward the end of the song I got the most vivid and clear mental image of my little boy smiling at me. He was our little "Angel Passing Through", and that song has so much meaning to me now.
Thank you for your show and Peace and Love to you and yours as we all start this glorious Spring.
James M. Vennett

rdclarke said...


Fantastic concert last night in DC. After the show you signed photos and let us be photographed with you. You have a Gift and share it so graciously. Thank you for giving us a wonderful evening. Thank you for being Sissel.

Robert & Dottie Clarke
Woodbridge VA