Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter in the mountains

Hello dear friends!

Hope you all had a good Easter!  
In Norway we have a very strong tradition to go up in the mountains to go skiing. Like a true Norwegian I was up there too!  Downhill the first days and then cross country. I really had to pinch myself , just to feel that this was not a dream. I felt so lucky to have this experience together with my dear family and friends. Sun, snow, crystal clear air, storms and freezing cold, sitting outside having lunch, so much fun, peace and quiet.
The picture was taken from my bedroom early one morning. So is it strange that I long for the mountains on busy days? Norway at its best at wintertime!

Take care everybody! Enjoy!
;-)  Sissel

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hello dear friends!

The spring has arrived! In my little garden the early flowers are blooming and it is light in the morning. 
I am very excited that I will have the chance to come back and do another tour in the USA this spring. First concert starts on April 22nd. 
I am right now looking into my repetoar , maybe I will exchange some songs from the first tour....I don't know-. But it will still be the Northern Light that will be my mentor.
The light here at springtime is so beautiful. Every season has its own colors and tunes. When I get up in the morning and hear the birds singing my soul really feel so uplifted and it starts bobbling inside of me. It is the spring! Welcome home sweet birds! I sometimes just have to stand still for a couple of minutes and enjoy the concert! 
Have a wonderful time and enjoy the concert right outside your door!
;-)  Sissel