Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hello dear friends!

The spring has arrived! In my little garden the early flowers are blooming and it is light in the morning. 
I am very excited that I will have the chance to come back and do another tour in the USA this spring. First concert starts on April 22nd. 
I am right now looking into my repetoar , maybe I will exchange some songs from the first tour....I don't know-. But it will still be the Northern Light that will be my mentor.
The light here at springtime is so beautiful. Every season has its own colors and tunes. When I get up in the morning and hear the birds singing my soul really feel so uplifted and it starts bobbling inside of me. It is the spring! Welcome home sweet birds! I sometimes just have to stand still for a couple of minutes and enjoy the concert! 
Have a wonderful time and enjoy the concert right outside your door!
;-)  Sissel


Ivo said...

SISSEL!!! you're back!

those flowers look so unique! I've never seen flowers that aim downward like that; looks like something out of a cartoon!

I'm so glad to hear you're coming back to the states, but you've GOT to come out west! all your fans from the Bay Area, Southern Cal, and the pacific northwest would do anything to catch a concert of yours! please come out here soon!

lots of love!

Anonymous said...


Selv ordet i seg selv er vakkert og inneholder forventninger.
Lyset, blomstene. Alt liv.
Som sangfuglene.
De er så vakre å se og høre.
Jeg håper jeg kan få se og høre min favoritsangfugl mange ganger i tiden framover. Den slår seg gjerne ned på de vakreste steder. Og når den begynner synge så er det som om tiden stopper helt opp. Det er fordi sangen er så vakker at alt annet liksom kommer helt i bakgrunnen.
Da er det godt å leve.
Tenk å få oppleve slikt.
Jeg er heldig!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,Your flowers and little garden look so nice,no such good weather here in Dublin.Storms and
heavy rain,guess Ill just have a look at Northern Lights again to
brighten up the evening.Hope you and your family and cats are in good health.See you in June.....
Best Wishes
Liam Wilson.

A friend said...

Dearest Sissel, May I share an experience that I had with you? I heard the most beautiful 'soal bobbling' bird song a few years ago when I was hiking in Southern Utah. There is a place where the stream has cut into the red rock sandstone for thousands of years and formed enormous red arches and cliffs. (Similar to the terrain at Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge area.) Some of these arches are 200+ meters tall and wider than that. The echeos in these canyons and arches are very very clear and precise. A voice from 50 meters sounds like right next to you. It is a little unnerving actually. In one of these magnificant arches I heard a little bird singing and wow- it stopped me in my tracks. The beautiful sound combined with that incredible echo is something I hope never to forget. I wish I could get the CD of that little birds concert ;-) Really, it was one of those times in life that one wishes they could have perfect recollection forever. If you get a chance search Lake Powell and/or Rainbow Bridge on the intranet to see the uniqueness of that area. Thanks for posting the picture of your flowers, they are so lovely. I hope to be able to make it to your concert in April to hear you sing. Leeny

Christine said...

Dear Sissel,

The picture is a picture of Saffy, one of the smartest cat in NY! :)

So nice to hear from you. I always thought that Norway was so much more cold than us here... But here we still have snow on the ground and no sign of flowers yet!

We are listening and singing all of your songs in the car each day, especially in the morning on the way to school. It just brightens our day. Life has been very tough here for many sad reasons and it takes undestructible faith in the human spirit to keep on going. Your music helps and always put a smile on our faces.

We hope that you have a good time coming again in the USA. For us a trip to France is planned in the summer to visit my mother and father there.

Cassandra and Rebecca are saying hello.

Best to you and family,



PS: Please, let me know where to email you a letter.

Anonymous said...

My dear Sissel,
yes it's a wonderfull time of the year, SPRINGTIME. I love these flowers! :o) They grow also in our garden! :o) SMILE!!! We call them SCHNEEGLÖCKCHEN, which meens "snow-bells!?" I think? ;o) And I love the sound of singing birds! Every morning a few seconds, minutes I open my window... and listen... But most of all, I LOVE YOUR VOICE! :o) What a big BIG wonderfull chance for me was it in RÄTTVIK 2005 when I could tell you this... :o) :o) :o) :o) because we were in the same hotel! WOW!!! :o) I'll never forget this very special moment in my live...

Hope to see and hear you SOMETIMES again...?

Plesae come to GERMANY or Europe...?

Big huge WOLLY from Germany

Anonymous said...

My Dear Sissel ,I do believe your going to be a Fantastic Star here in the United States as well as your home..I have introduced your music to so many people in this country, that are just WOW'ed that they have never heard of you before.. You give me such peace of mind when i listen to your music..You are truly Blessed By God ... Mary

Anonymous said...

We have these flowers first thing in spring in Utah too. I know them as "Snowdrops".
I just have to tell you that the band you brought with you in February had to be the best support to your voice I have ever seen! I could not believe how much the harp added to the songs. The drummer had a wonderful "subtle" touch, and all of you blended like a dream. What a delight!
Amy in Salt Lake

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

You are delightful! I can feel your exuberance about the arrival of spring that has just been announced by the shy little white flowers in your garden which are set against a backdrop of warming sun rays and a singing choir of birds! Though a few years have passed, you are still that charming lady with the wonderfully warm and open personality whose beautiful voice I discovered on a DVD titled, "Sissel in Concert - All Good Things." Listening to that performance by you and the great group of talented musicians, singers, and "dancers" who were part of the show, always leaves me feeling relaxed and happy.

I hope you have a safe and much more pleasant journey back to the USA in April than when you left us in February. Iowans have always been very friendly people, so I hope they give you a great welcome in Des Moines. By the way, the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) were occasionally visible in the sky when I was growing up in rural Iowa. These fascinating, shifting veils of color may be obscured by too much light pollution in big cities like Des Moines.

May "all good things" continue to bless your life.

- Jeanne -

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
Hope all is well with you.Just wanted to wish you a very happy and peacefull Easter.Hope you enjoy your time with Family and friends,and cats.
Very best wishes
Liam Wilson,

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Sissel.

Some neighbors came over this evening, and we watched the beautiful program presented on your "Northern Lights" DVD. Although I've seen all of your DVDs numerous times, the most recent one I watch always becomes my favorite for awhile. That is the power of your music; it never grows old. It's like a dear friend I've welcomed back into my home, and we've become reacquainted after an absence. Your voice has matured over the years and is better now than ever before.

On one of those trips to the USA, you should consider bringing your show to the desert southwest (e.g., Las Vegas, Phoenix) and Southern California. Americans have moved to this region from all over the country. The winters are very mild here, so traveling would not be as treacherous for your group as it is farther north.

Best wishes always,

- Jeanne -

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
Hope all is well with you. I have
been trying to get a copy of your x-mas concert from Moscow with Placido,Carreras, from Amazon.De.
I hear it it is due in Oct.on cd/dvd.?Cant get any info on this .can you help?Any new studio album in the future.Hope you dont mind all the questions..Take Care
Liam Wilson;Dublin.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,well finally got my tickets for your concert in Kansas City,my friend from England and i will be in the front row,and meeting you will the one of the major events in my life..You are absolutely the best female singer i have ever heard,your voice has matured so much and is better than ever you have the sweetest sounding lilt in your voice...
God Bless you and your family..see you on april 24th, bring your big smile.. your greatest fan Mary kaufman