Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter in the mountains

Hello dear friends!

Hope you all had a good Easter!  
In Norway we have a very strong tradition to go up in the mountains to go skiing. Like a true Norwegian I was up there too!  Downhill the first days and then cross country. I really had to pinch myself , just to feel that this was not a dream. I felt so lucky to have this experience together with my dear family and friends. Sun, snow, crystal clear air, storms and freezing cold, sitting outside having lunch, so much fun, peace and quiet.
The picture was taken from my bedroom early one morning. So is it strange that I long for the mountains on busy days? Norway at its best at wintertime!

Take care everybody! Enjoy!
;-)  Sissel


Ivo said...

hi sissel!!!

WOW that is SO much snow... i bet it is very fun! well, at least to those of us who are accustomed to it... haha :-D

i just discovered your duet with peter jöback, Gå inte förbi. it is so awesome! kinda weird that I know your older, more obscure tunes but not the more highly publicized, newer one! lol

i wish you all the best sissel! you're the best!


Anonymous said...

Hi again Sissel,
What a beautiful view from your bedroom,you are so lucky;It is not strange at all that you long for the beautiful mountains of Norway.
Im glad you enjoyed Easter with family and friends.I am glad all is good with you.Keep Safe and well.Very best wishes.
Liam Wilson,

Ester said...

The picture is so incredible beautiful, it seems so calm, wish one day i could get there and go skiing.
I just spend the whole night listening to our songs and watching our performances on youtube.
What a great night!
Your voice is so sweet and softy. I just love it!

Hem & Lyckas Mia said...

Vad vackert! Måste kännas riktigt mäktigt däruppe. Aldrig varit i fjällen faktiskt men får nog råda bot på det någon gång i livet. Kram!

Anonymous said...

Så nydelig et bilde Sissel.

Får lyst til å gå inn i bildet og snøre min sekk og smøre mine ski.
Blir du med?

Er ikke helt enig med meg selv om hva jeg liker best. Leke og utfordre meg selv i alpinbakker eller gå skiturer.
Men hvis jeg måtte velge en av delene så hadde det nok blitt skiturene.
Hvis jeg derimot måtte velge en person som skulle synge og tralle litt for meg, eller være med til en øde øy, så hadde valget blitt utrolig enkelt.

Jeg ønsker deg og resten av laget en dundrende suksess i USA!!!
Men,,altså,...eeh,ikke mer enn at du skynder deg tilbake og synger masse masse for meg også. For det synes jeg er ennå finere enn den mest vellykkede skitur.
Å få høre deg synge live er nemlig det fineste jeg vet. Men det er ikke så rart, fordi det er du som klinger aller aller vakrest.
Sånn er det bare :)

Takknemlig hilsen fra

Anonymous said...

Sounds just like an Easter I've always dreamed of having, though I need to find my family first ! Would you like to volunteer for that ?
Love and best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Der er ingenting i verden så stille som sne.
Vakker sang.
Vakkert bilde.
Takk kjære Sissel.


carman said...

hi angel sissel :-)

For me, the winter is just cold but not usually snow. Mmmm...from your picture I think you grew up in an amazing world just like a heaven. As your said: "Sun, snow, crystal clear air, storms and freezing cold, sitting outside having lunch, so much fun, peace and quiet" it `s a such great experience , gift from nature :-)
The day after tomorrow I`ll make a trip with my friend, it is the first time we leave our growing up city, good luck to us :-P good luck to you

Nadia said...

Hi Sissel,

At the first sight, I personally thought it was Greenland(!).
The picture, shows a whole another side/world of Norway, than I used to remember. Perhaps I've only seen a little piece of Norway, but not the hidden treasures?

Who can tell? Not I.

I was orginally, searching for, some lyrics of yours, but didn't find it. Instead I found this. ;)

Nadia, Denmark.

Gary said...

The Lord willing, three weeks from tonight I will be sitting in the theater enjoying your concert in St. Louis. It is only 400 miles from my home, but I am so looking forward to that day. I hope to hear you perform "Ready to Go Home". I also like the band accompanying you on the first selection of the All Good Things DVD - "Eg Veit I Himmerick Ei Borg". I love to listen to you sing in Norwegian even though I do not understand a word. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts with us.

Anonymous said...

Hej Sissel,

and thank you so much for your impressions and the wonderful picture! You are right: The winter in the North can be so beautiful - I have experienced this in february when I spent two weeks in northern Finland. The Finnish travel-agency 'Lomarengas' has published some of my pictures on it's own homepage:
(Just click on "Lappland-Impressions" if you want to see the pictures and read my story)
Sissel, I keep my fingers crossed for your upcoming concerts in the USA and I hope we will see you on stage later this year somewhere in Europe!
All the best - många hälsningar!

walui said...

When I see the snow, I think something done of the movies, because here in Brazil it will be an almost impossible thing of being seen of truth. For me the snow is as the voice of Sissel: also almost impossible of being seen for here, in Brazil. GOD blesses her and also her family.Thank you for her voice! Walui

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
I talked to my friend in Alexandra VA last night and told her how I wish that I could fly there so I could see and hear you again. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to be able to see you here in Salt Lake at the two signings and when you came for your concert at Abavanel Hall in Feb. I have not been able to stop talking about you and your music ever since. I even took this one person to FYE and bought a Northern Lights CD for him so that he could give it to his wife who loves your music.

I love you and I love your music and you will always be dear and precious to me and to so many others.

You are continually in my thoughts and prayers that you will do well on your upcoming tour here in the USA. You and your music are so very special. Please come back to SLC soon. We miss you...I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

I'm happy to hear that you had such a wonderful Easter with your family and friends.

Best wishes on your up coming tour. I know that you will do very well. There is no voice like yours anywhere else in the world today and all those who will be privileged to hear and see you will never forget that wonderful experience.

Thank you for coming to the US and sharing your great talent.

Anonymous said...

med nye websider kjære Sissel.
Nydelig vakre er de.
Står så flott til din musikk.
Og til deg!

Hilsen og takk fra Gunnar