Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the road again

Hello again and welcome to my new web page and blog!

I am so excited about it! I think it is so beautiful! Of corse there will be some editing along the way, there are always some things that can be better!
We have started the tour, and the first concert in Des Moines went really well! What a beautiful theatre! We all enjoyed playing there!
Now I have just come back from our concert here in St Louis at the Sheldon Theatre. I love singing in that theatre! So intimate and there is so much personality in that room.

What we have here on this US tour, as on the one before, is what we call 'meet and greet'. That means that I meet and say a short hello to some of the audiences , a picture taken and a little greeting. I like it! The people are so wonderful!
Maybe I will see or meet you next time? 

Sending you a picture of one of my cats watching tv........ I think I'll do the same now, without watching tv!

Take care! Hope to see you at a concert one day!


Stenar said...

I love your cat! :)

I used to have a black kitty like that named Bathsheba.


A Friend said...

Dearest Sissel,
Do you like philosiphy? I think this one is appropriate.
Live Simply, Love Generously,
Care Deeply, Speak Kindly,
See Sissel in Concert whenever possible, and Leave the Rest to God. Thanks for the beautiful music, you all sounded heavenly last night at the Sheldon. It was a very intimate theater. See you at the Folly. A friend

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
what a beautiful cat.I had 3 at one time,but are all dead now.Icollect cat ornaments now,have over100.Glad your tour is going well.Im sure everyone will have a great time.Your cats will miss you...Hope to see you in Oslo
in June.Keep safe.Best wishes
Liam Wilson,

Anonymous said...

Så fin pus du har Sissel.
Den ser litt lur ut?
Har en mistanke om at den klarer tvinne matmor rundt lillefingeren?
De har en egen evne til å få det som de vil. Kjempetrivelig er det hvertfall uansett. Nå må jeg løpe, for Missi maser og vil ut :-)


drwho said...

How many cats have you got?^^
I have got six tortoises,they are very naughty,but it doesn`t matter,I love them all~

I`m listening your song "Bruremarsj" right now^^ Amazing!

David Hanson said...

I would like to thank you and your band for concern in Des Moines. What a wonderful performance, it is so magical to hear your music in person. Please come back to Iowa soon.


Anonymous said...

Sheldon Concert Hall, St. Louis, April 23 '08

Sissel,I just had to write a few good words -

Unlike the minor earthquakes that shook the St. Louis Missouri area last week - Sissel brought the house down at the Sheldon concert hall on April 23rd. A stellar performance - sensational!

Sisssel and her band blew us away and performed additional songs after a lengthy standing ovation. If you want a transfusion of Norwegian culture with class and personality - GO SEE Sissel.

My only regret is that we didn't have more time meeting with Sissel after the concert and the photo that was taken of myself and Sissel did not come out very well (my fault), but I did manage to have a CD signed.

Wonder when Sissel will return to St. Louis ?

Randy K. Smith

Ivo said...

i LOVE your cat! it looks like a little cougar! haha :-D

welcome back to the US sissel!