Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello again Winter!

Dear friends, 

I must say that I really enjoy being on the road with my good friends, my musical family. 
- But the best part is always coming home! Right now I am preparing for the Christmas tour in Sweden which starts on the 3. of December. I love the holiday season! It is not hard to get in the mood, as it is snowing outside my window. Wonderful!
In this weekend I visited some friends up in the mountains and we had i great time skiing.
 What a treat! This cold , fresh air! I don't look at myself as any good skier! But I have great fun , and that is the most important thing; To have fun and enjoy!
Well, I have to head back to my Christmas songs. On Sunday I will be singing in the Norwegian Seaman's Church in Copenhagen. They are celebrating their 50th year anniversary for the
 King Haakons church. It is an honor to sing on this special day.

Hope you all are fine and remember to enjoy! 


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tour in Denmark

Hello dear friends, 
the tour here in Denmark has been wonderful! Every concert has been such a great experience for all of us on the stage. The audiences has really showed us their appreciation of our music. 
The new songs has all been very well received. So a big smile! ;-)
The whole tour started a bit funny. On my way to Oslo for the last rehearsal, I traveled from Copenhagen in beautiful mild autumn weather. Then we couldn't take off  cause the airport in Oslo was closed due to....: SNOW! A bit strange as the weather was so mild in Denmark , it is only 50
 min flight! Wow it was so beautiful to arrive into this white winterland! I had totally forgotten how it feels with the snow and cold fresh air! Acctually I found it as the best start for the tour! But we haven't seen any snow after that here i Denmark. Here it is still autumn with wind, sunshine, rain and leaves in beautiful warm colors.  
Sending you 2 pic. The gang ready for tour at the rehearsal in Oslo. And the two, Sidsel and Sissel, for a walk in beautiful sunshine in Ã…rhus.  
Take care! 
;-) Sissel