Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back home again

Dear friends, 

Coming home and reading the last messages from you really warmed my heart. Music can heal, be uplifting and give comfort and hope and I think that is something we all can relate to. 'Like an angel passing through my room'  is a song that many people have written to me about and told me how the song has spoken to them. The song also spoke to me the first time I heard it and I knew that I had to sing it. 
The tour of the US is over for now. We have had such a wonderful time. Great venues and audiences. When I will be back I don't know yet. But I would like to thank each one of you who attended my concerts and thanks for all the support! For those of you who couldn't: hope to see you next time!
  Here at home it is green and the birds are singing and nesting. Right now my little cat is laying next to me, relaxing ...... Today I will relax too....

Take care!
Enjoy the spring!



Julie said...

Dear Sissel,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful spirit and voice with us here in America. I met My two daughters and I also attended your concert there. We will always cherish our time together nourished by your music.
Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
Glad you got back home safe,and that your tour went so well.Ilove your recording of Angel Passing,it is a special song,sung by a special lady.Ialso love Ready to go home frome Nothern Lights,anothe beautiful song.Enjoy your rest,family and cats.
Best wishes
Liam Wilson

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

it's so wonderful to hear that you had a good and safe journey back home after a successful tour in the USA!
Yes, this song "Like an angel..."! It belongs to my 4 or 5 favourite ABBA-songs since it was published in 1981. Normally, when I hear a song, the melody is more important for me than the text. But here, the lyrics are even more impressing: Imagine, you sit near the fireplace, the thoughts are coming and going like the dying embers - that's so beautiful! And even though the original version is very good - I like your version much more. And Kjetil's arrangement - this 'conversation' between violin and cello - brilliant! I think, it is a great honour for the composers Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, that this song was performed in a Christmas-concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!
I hope, you have some time now to relax a bit, because (I think) at least 25 concerts in Scandinavia 'are waiting' this year. Together with my wife, I probably will visit three of these concerts!

Best wishes
Axel (Braunschweig, Germany)

Anonymous said...

Godt utført arbeid gir god hvile.
Så derfor tror jeg du hviler deg ekstra godt nå.
Jeg gleder meg til konsertopplevelser med deg, og vet så inderlig godt at jeg har veldig god grunn til å glede meg. Utsøkt håndverk har nemlig alltid imponert meg.
Viktig arbeid er det også, det du gjør.
Håper våren vil skjemme deg bort :)
Lykke til videre med alt sammen kjære Sissel.

Hilsen Gunnar

Ivo said...

thank you so much for your timeless and unparalleled contribution to the arts! it's a pity our paths did not cross this time, I am truly sad I could not attend a concert of yours. :-(((

keep it up! you are the hero of ALL of us!

take care!

P.S. if you just won't come to California for a concert, then I guess I have no choice but to attend a concert of yours in Norway! ;-D

Linda Priebe said...

Hei, Hei Sissel!

Takk for sist! Det er så godt å høre at du har kommet hjem fra Washington DC i god tid. Jeg ville bare skrive litt og fortelle deg hvor mye Brian og jeg likte konserten din - Det var helt fantastisk!!! Brian (trombone og alphorn spiller) og jeg (mezzo-sopran) var både så inspirerte (jeg vet ikke hvordan dette er korrekt - jeg er ikke flink til å skrive på Norsk fordi vi snakket hjemmet men jeg har skrevet nesten aldri!) at vi har snakket nesten "non-stop" siden vi så deg om hvordan vi kunne skrive hvort egen Norsk music for trombone/alphorn og stemme og spille samen. Takk så mye for sjanse til å høre deg og møte og snakke med deg. Vi kommer aldri til å glemmet det! Ha det meget bra or vi håper å se deg snart igjen! Linda og Brian Priebe, Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

My Dear Sissel,
My very best greetings from little village near Pärnu in Estonia.

Every morning skylark is singing behind my window.
Her song reminds me Your voice.
I wish You beautiful spring and lot of happy moments in life!

Many thanks and best wishes,

walui (Brasil) said...

As an angel that passes in our life ,it is like this that we (me and my family) felt when we listened to you to sing! Tks, for her crystal voice! A good spring for you and her family. Walui

Anonymous said...

I know the sound of angel voices,
I have heard Sissel sing.

Michael said...

Dear Sissel,

I am a late comer to your music and am so sorry to have missed any of your U.S. tours. I will keep an eye on your site with high hopes of attending one of your concerts. I have passed your music onto my wife and all her assured....your popular is growing fast here in the U.S. Your music is so refreshing to us that have had to listen to music with no heart for many best to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel , I love all your Music so much and because of you ,im saving my money to come to your beautiful Norway & Denmark to see the Northern lights for my self..I have given the gift of your music to so many here in the USA..Your voice is so incredibally beautiful,it truly is like listing to the angels in heaven.. Please come back to the states soon.. We all miss you,very much... Mary