Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello dear friends!

Hope all is well!
I have had some great weekends in Norway. Visiting friends and family in my lovely hometown Bergen and at Baroniet in Rosendal. Celebrating our National Day the 17. th of May in Oslo with whom I call my Northern Norwegian Family. When I think of our two wonderful weekends it gives me so much joy and energy starts bobbling inside of me. 
Rosendal is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Located in the Hardanger-fjord outside Bergen. We were very lucky to take a small aqua airplane that flew us over the beautiful coastline of Bergen , seeing the glacier, the clear blue sky, the fjord and the blooming of the trees, it was ..... breathtaking. 
 This summer it will be the third time I will have a concert in one of the living rooms of the castle. A very intimate room and only seating about 80 people and guitar, piano and me.
 This is a perfect place to go hiking as well. When I went hiking there for the first time and saw the Hattebergvassdraget for the first time , I wondered if Mr Walt Disney had been there for inspiration. Now I saw it in real life and so much more unbelievable beautiful!
The scenic trip back to Bergen by bus and ferries was just perfect! As you can see from the picture!
Maybe I will see you at Baroniet in Rosendal this summer? Then you should go for a walk in the rose garden, the park , listen to the majestic waterfall and the birds singing. So peaceful and have a local specialty  a Milkcake , in the cafe.....  
It's definately worth a visit. 
Check it out on :www.baroniet.no

Have a wonderful spring, early summer!




Randy Smith said...

Sissel, you will have to post some castle photos after your performance! :)

heroineworshipper said...

Got to update my GoogleEarth placemarks.

Bergen, check.
Baroniet, check.
Most beautiful voice in the world, check.

Ivo said...

that is one of the most beautiful pictures of the North I've ever seen. WOW!

i'd do anything to go to those concerts. sounds very intimate! only 80 ppl! I assume you don't need any sort of microphone for such a room... plus i really like the piano accompaniment. really sounds great!

hope all is well sissel!

hope to hear you live some day,

Anonymous said...

Ja Rosendal er virkelig vakker.
Og enkelte opplevelser er virkelig så utrolig vakre.
Kvelden den 2.juli blir for meg sommerens høydepunkt. Å høre deg i en slik setting er en sjelden begivenhet og blir for meg en fantastisk opplevelse. Vet det så vel.
Et stort privelegie synes jeg også det er.

Kjære Sissel, jeg gleder meg så til å få høre deg igjen og jeg håper du også vil storkose deg gjennom de to konsertene i Rosendal.
Du passer så flott inn blandt de andre vakre rosene der. Det får ikke hjelpe om de kommer til å virke litt blekere akkurat denne ene kvelden ;-)

Sommerhilsen fra Gunnar

Anonymous said...

Sissel,The more i read what you write on here,I can see that God has truly blessed you with all the
love of Music,Nature, and the beauty of life that most of us dont find until we are much older...You are a most INCREDIBLE
woman... God Bless you always

Stenar said...

Awww... Jeg savner Norge ganske mye. Den er så vakre!