Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello dear friends,

Bergen! My wonderful hometown!
The music Festival of Bergen is such an inspirational experience. Between these beautiful mountains the music life is blooming! Right now it is full summer, which is rare for this time of year.
This weekend I was also in London and saw Morten, Pål and Magne, Aha in Royal Albert Hall. I really enjoyed myself. An evening of great music! - and so fun to see the three of them with their own musical projects and at the end together. I can't wait for their new albums. Three brilliant musicians and artists.
Yesterday I took the funicular up to the top to Fløyen where you get a perfect view over the town of Bergen and the beautiful sunset out in the North Sea. ........ I love this city!
My friend took a picture of me, but the sun was too strong to show the view of the city, but the view over the south side is also beautiful!
Hope you all will have the oppertunity to visit my Bergen one day!
Take care!



Anonymous said...

Hei Sissel, fint og hyggelig å lese at du også kan ta deg tid til å lene deg tilbake og bare nyte levende kvalitetsmusikk fra den siden av scenen. Det gjør godt å kunne gjøre det.

Bergen er et sted en bare vil tilbake til, straks en har reist derfra.
På samme måte som ved dine konserter :)
Var i Bergen i fjor og skal dit i år.
Da sønnen min i tillegg fortalte han skulle arbeide i Bergen denne sommeren, sto jubelen i taket her. Ingen tvil om at det blir vandring på bryggen og fisketorg og fløy og full pakke. Og skulle det bli litt vill-laks, ferske reker og nykokt krabbe, så har ikke jeg tenkt å falle i krampegråt av den grunn.
Men først er det 14.juni.
Den kvelden kommer alt annet langt i bakgrunnen.

Takk for fin skildring og flott bilde kjære Sissel.


Ivo said...

Bergen is SOOO pretty! :-O seems the perfect size for a city too...

Royal Albert Hall is an amazing venue. I have a DVD of the great Luciano Pavarotti in recital at the venue in 1982 with the great Kurt H. Adler conducting... AMAZING place!

you look great! keep up the amazing work! take care!


Akira said...

Bergen, city of E. Grieg and Sissel.
Beautiful city and nature. Beautiful voice and music.
The perfect combination for you.
Sissel, you are most fabulous singer with heavenly voice.
I hope someday attend your live concert.
Waiting your next DVD soon…

Best wishes

Stenar said...

That must have been a great time in London. I love Pål's band Savoy. I have a couple of their albums. I especially like their song "Velvet" which A-ha also later recorded, but I like Savoy's version better.

Unfortunately, I never had a chance to visit Bergen when I lived in Norway, but hope to some day see that city. It looks so beautiful in pictures. The nearest I've been is Ålesund, which is also very beautiful.

Maybe a trip to Bergen will coincide with a concert you're giving there some day. ;)

Vennlig hilsen fra dine venner i Salt Lake City.

-Robert & Shawn

jim said...


It's nice to see you home and relaxing. I only visited Bergen once and it was raining but beautiful still.

Jim from Maryland

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
I visited Bergen twice in August, 2007 and immediately fell in love with the city. It reminded me of Seattle although not as large. That's good and the fact that the mountains are closer in Bergen is perfect. I rode the funnicular up to Foyen just before dusk hoping to get pictures of the city lights. It was so beautiful! I would like to live in Bergen. Finding and getting to visit the Thomassen's in Fyllingsdalen who are cousins that nobody of my family in the US knew existed put the cherry on the sundae. Keep safe and singing so beautifully. Love, Ken

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel, Bergen is my favorite city too even though I've only been there twice last August. The view from Foyen is spectacular and the lights of the city coming on after dark is special. I would dearly love to visit Bergen and surrounding areas again some day. Ken

Anonymous said...

Sissel, Im so happy your enjoying your summer traveling Europe and the UK..You work so hard to please your Fans when you sing for us ,cant wait for your next trip to Kansas city..you are so Beautiful,and you have that magnificent voice ... Enjoy your summer ,I hope to see your Norway in March or April 09 .. God Bless You ... Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,

I love your sharing of these beautiful places. Thank you! I first became interested in traveling to Norway when I watched your All Good Things DVD. The fjords look spectacular. Then National Geographic Travel did a piece on the train ride from Oslo to Bergen and the hiking that can occur in between. I was hooked! We're now planning to visit in June 2009. My greatest joy would be to visit your beautiful country and see you in concert. If that doesn't happen, hopefully you'll return to Salt Lake City and present a concert in our beautiful mountains. Please continue sharing favorite places in Norway. I'm taking notes! Enjoy your concerts and summer! Your music elevates my soul.

Ken said...

Hello Sissel, Northern Lights was on PBS again the other evening and I enjoyed the singing so much. I have the DVD but still can't pass it up when it comes on TV. You are not only a treasure in Norway but also in my home. The view from Foyen is my favorite as well as the city of Bergen. Gomer

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
How right you are about Bergin,Iwas
there a few years ago and fell in love with your beautiful city.The
view at top of Floyen is indeed very beautiful.You were in London?
maby you will make it to Dublin next time.Glad you are enjoying summer.Hope to see you on 14th June
Will be at concert.Take Care,Best
wishes,Liam Wilson,Dublin

Ken said...

Dear Sissel,
My apologies on misspelling FLØYEN in my previous emails about your Bergen post. I knew better as a teacher. Keep relaxing and recharging your energies for more beautiful, heavenly singing. A fan always! Ken in the mountains of Idaho

Stenar said...

Jeg håper du kommer til å skrive litt om dine sommerkonserter her. Lykke til med konsertene! :)

Vennlig hilsen,

Karen Christiansen-Wilson said...

Hei Sissel, it was lovely meeting you at the Royal Garden Hotel - I'm a Big fan and seeing you there caught me off guard. I wish I had my Northern Lights cd with me for you to sign - but thanks for taking time for signing my a-ha programme :) I've just returned from 2 weeks holiday in Norway and enjoyed Bergen and Floyen and we had a perfect day there so I took some amazing photos of Bergen.

Hope to see you in London - performing
next time! and please say Hi to Kjetil for me he's a lovely man :) I wish you both much happiness.

Hilsen Karen

Bente Mosegaard Hiul said...

Hi Sissel

What a wonderful concert you are touring Denmark with right now. Some wonderful new and old songs in a great mix. I simply love your voice, which is why I decided to watch the concert two times - still looking forward to the second time.
Your voice is so pure and you do so many interesting things with it - gliding on high notes - it is truly amazing. Take good care of your gift - some singers get problems by owerstraining - I know since another of my favourite singers lost her voice during fatigue and operation of harmless nodules - please do take good care of your precious instrument.
So happy you have toured the States and become of international standard - you so deserved that - and also so happy we can still enjoy you here in Denmark. You were amazinh in the Tivoli Gardens and I am sure you will as amazing be in Næstved as well - Looking forward to having the concert repeted - all these great numbers and so many new ones - a new CD or better DVD is called for!!

Much luck to you from a long time fan