Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello dear friends! 

A brand new year! 2009!
I started my first days of the new year with some of my dearest friends. I have made myself some new goals for the new year. Not long ago I read Dalai Lama's words for last year, and one of them was:  'Once a year, go some place that you have never been before'.  I will do that!
For the time my prays and thoughts go to the children and their families who are suffering from the consequences of the war in the Middle East. I have a friend who is there working, and to hear him telling me about the fear that he sees in the eyes of the children and the people who live there , makes it even stronger to watch the news. 'The bombs kill children too' a little girl's poster said. I do hope and pray that the war and the bombing will end soon and they start talking instead! 

Hope you are filled with good thoughts and expectations and dreams for the new year!  
Happy new year! 
- from Norway and me.



Traci said...

I have to tell you that I ADORE you! I served an LDS mission in Norway from 94-96,which seems so long ago!!! SO sad, anyway, I fell in-love with Norway, how can one not? right?... Your voice is the voice of Norway for me. I have all your C.D.'s and it was a highlight in my life when I saw you at the Conference Center. You are so gifted. I know you hear from a million fans, but you are an angel and in our home, your voice is always heard!! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents!

erasmusthewise said...

Hi Sissel
Happy new year to you!
A worthy new years resolution, which places in the world are you most keen to see?
The situation in the Middle East is unfortunately something that stems not only from the partitioning of that part of the world(after the war), but also the deep mistrust between the different religious groups in the area. Aggression is a no win scenario and I'm amazed that Israel hasn't worked this out yet. Only looking at the situation with new ideas and abandoning the failed policies of the past can there be any progress. I hope that both sides begin to realise this.

Ivo said...

good to hear from you again Sissel!

once again, what else can I say? that is a ton of snow over there :-D like nothing I've ever seen. It's very beautiful!

You want my suggestion for a new place to go, not too far from home? Try Croatia! Nice weather, nice people, beautiful architecture and natural beauty... you'll love it!

And you are seriously right about the situation in Palestine... time to stop bombing and killing and start talking and negotiating!

happy new year Sissel!

Love from California,

Christy said...

Dear Sissel,
Kind of ironical. Tuesday night I listened to a song I haven’t heard in many years. Jackson Browne learned the lyrics that were rewritten in the 1960’s by someone else from an old folk song. The original folk song is hundreds of years old. The song is called “The Crow On The Cradle”. If you haven’t heard this song you should listen to it now. It is about children and war in a unique way. The other song I looked up is by Don McLean called “The Grave”. Another very powerful song. It is about a soldier at war and his death. Everyone should listen to these songs.
After hearing those songs and then listening to you sing “Laer Meg A Kjenne”. It was amazing to me how this man could write about hope and the future, in such a positive way, after he came home to his family being killed and his house burnt down.
Maybe all it really takes is a little talking, a little forgiveness, and some compromising to put a stop to war. Maybe music can change things…

Keep the faith, from across the large pond in the US to you and Norway!

Anonymous said...

Akkurat sånn ble det:-)
Kaldt og klart og på ski fra morgen til kveld en hel uke:-)
Bildene er gode å hvile øynene på kjære Sissel. Fredelige er de.

I motsetning til bildene fra krigssoner. Krig er galskap og særdeles velegnet til å masseprodusere og koke essensen ut av hat. Krig som virkemiddel til løsning føles så håpløst gammeldags. Helt ute! Det finnes så mange lover. Hvorfor ikke også en lov som forbyr krig. Ingen lov ennå mot det å drømme heldigvis.
Merker at jeg går og nynner på "Imagine" for tiden. Naiviteten er hvertfall av den positive utgaven.

Ha det best mulig kjære Sissel.

Hilsen Gunnar

Weverton said...

Dear Friend! I'm from Brazil and everyday I take a look in this blog. I enjoy just listen the music while I´m working with all this numbers. Amazing the pictures you shared with us. Happy new year! (Feliz ano novo! - brazilian portuguese)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sissel ,You have such a love for nature ,and a kindness that so amazing in people today..
You see the bad but always promote the good in the world ,you have such a marvelous outlook on life in general.. your voice is so special everyone of us that love your music ,know you must truly be an angel from heaven,i know i believe that your fan Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel!
Very nice post. I think it's a very challenging and cool new year goal, you have made there. Where do you wanna go? There are so many fantastic places on earth, just waiting for you :)
We all think about the victims of the war. Thanks for posting you comments.
Wishing you all the best for the new year.
Mia :)

Todd said...

Hi Sissel! I just would like to thank God for giving you the voice of an angel. I have the Chrismas DVD when you sang with the Morman Tabernacle Chorus. I remember what you said about the love of the people in Salt Lake. I just wanted to tell you I found that love 6 Years ago and my life got better 10 fold. That love that you and I found is the pure love of Christ. You are a true and choice duaghter of God, oh! forgot to tell you that I'm a mormon too. I miss you please come back. Thanks for your time. I hope this note lifted you up! Todd from Bay City, Michigan U.S.A

todd said...

Hi Sissel, its me Todd from Bay City again I just wanted to let you know I read your comments on your blog just now. I hope and prey you and your family have a wounderful and happy new year! And keep being that light of light that being shown through you. I will also prey for peace in the middle east with all the energy of my heart, and soul.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Sissel!

Wow! Norway looks beautiful covered with snow. I sure would love to be there skiing. God has blessed Idaho with snow as there is now about three feet in town and six feet at the top of the ski area. Praise be to God for giving us someone like you with your talented ability to move all who hear you sing. Listening to you singing as I zoom down the ski slope thru the powder is the greatest feeling possible. Please take care of yourself. Love, Ken

walui said...

The people, anywhere in the world,only want to work,care of their relatives, remain with the people who most love, these people are the majority, nobody in good conscience likes to die or kill .People only want to be happy ! War is thing ruling (political). It is not the people !Tks! For share these pictures and the blog with us! Which God bless you in 2009 ( and all his family) ! Walui (Brazil)

Maria Thereza said...

Honey Sissel,
That the New Year brings in a different peace. Not that of words thrown to the wind or lost in human vanity. But the peace that we all hold hands in this world of beings violet, green, pink color and steals. That all differences are lost because they do not exist, not for humans. We are all brothers in the Father's love for it, we must and we can understand.
That their voice might boost the Middle East and children, parents and the warlords, the notion that we are all made of flesh and blood! That is, we are all equal!
Happy New Year to you and your loved Norway ... from me and all of Brazil!

An American Girl in the UK said...

Dear Sissel:
I love your music, you do indeed have the voice of an angel. I am getting married in May 2009, and I would love to walk down the aisle to Bach's Sleeper's Awake. I love your version of this song! It is just magic. The lyrics that you sing are not the standard lyrics for this song. Yours are so much better, and so beautiful. Are copies of your lyrics to this song available anywhere. Do please let me know, it would make our wedding so wonderful! Thank you!
All the best, Alycia