Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seasonal greetings

Dear friends!

Hope you all have enjoyed the Seasonal holiday and are getting ready for the great evening of New Year! 
I have had a wonderful time with my family and friends up in the mountains. This was not just dreaming of a white Christmas! After the service in the church Christmas Eve , we all went for a ride in open horse sleds. The stars were sparkling , crystal clear air and the sound of the jingle bells and the light from the torches made us feel like we were in a fairy-tale! A Christmas we all will remember! 
 I am so grateful for all that I have experienced and for all that has been given to me in the year that has passed. All the wonderful people that I have met, the great moments I have shared with my family and friends , safe travelling and moments of uplifting spirits and true joy! I really feel blessed!
Now I feel a bobbling joy inside of me by  the thought of the whole new year that is lying ahead of us. A year with new opportunities  filled with new experiences and challenges! They're just there waiting for us to see them and use them. 
The picture is the sunrise Christmas morning.
I wish you all a Happy and prosperous  New Year! 
Every day is a gift! 
May God bless you all and your families! 



JP Mayrand said...

Hi! I been in Norway last two year, and i had a girlfriend that show me some of your video on youtube, the lost one....and since we broke because i have to come back in Québec, the lyrics and specialy you voice goes strait to my heart.
the best word i can use to describe you is..Angel, and i think you have an angel mind too, like angelic shaman.You do a great and honorable mission.
So thank you for sharing this wonderful gift you have...long life to Sisangel!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences with us und thank you for the beautiful picture! Here in Northern Germany there is no snow at all, but we enjoyed the Christmas time very much. Our daughter (she studies mathematics in Finland) visits us for Christmas, so our family is completely gathered here at home. This means so much for me! We are also very grateful for all we have experienced this year. Absolute highlights were your concerts that we were able to visit. Thank you again for bringing us so much joy! In the next year we will visit your concerts in Bergen and at Dalhalla (we will also spend our summer holidays in Dalarna). :-)
I wish you a wonderful new year 2009 - may all your good wishes become true!

Anonymous said...

Takk for go-ord og koselig jul og nyttårs-hilsen kjære Sissel.
En uke på ski i fjellet foran meg nå. Håper på slike soloppganger :-)
Og hvis jeg er heldig, kansje jeg kan få oppleve skikkelig vintersol i høyfjellet. Men det blir neppe så intenst strålende som det ble den kvelden i Flekkefjord. Som det forøvrig alltid blir, uansett tidspunkt, vær og føre ved dine konserter :-)
Tusen Takk kjære Sissel!!!
Alt godt ønsker jeg deg, og masse sterkt solskinn ;-) ønsker jeg meg, for det kommende år.

Hilsen Gunnar

Ivo said...

Hey there Sissel!

I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas! Horse-drawn sleighs and snow all around sounds SOOO idyllic! Here we had snow on the mountaintops.

I wish you a Happy, safe, and extremely successful New Year 2009!!! hope to meet you one day :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,Glad you and family and friends had a good holiday season.It sure looks so beautiful in the mountains,like heaven on earth.Thank you so much for your beautiful music and for taking time to meet after concert in Stockholm,it was a joy to meet again.Have a very happy and healthy
2009 with family and friends and your cats.Keep safe always.
Best wishes
Liam Wilson.

A friend said...

Dearest Sissel, your Christmas Eve sounds wonderful and what a beautiful photo of the sunrise.

2008 has been a great year!
We were able to see THREE of your concerts on the USA tour and loved them all. You were fabulous, unforgetable and heart touching.
You have the most beautiful voice and soul piercing talent ever. How awesome it is to feel your music awaken the spirit clear down to the toes, so soothing, familiar, and -yes- therapeutic.
Thank you for your hard work and for sharing beautiful music with so many.
Your schedule must be 'crazy busy' and we do appreciate your tour to America GREATLY. Come again soon.... No pressure. :)

Also in 2008 we got a baby boy. What a sweet experience as he came to us through the miracle of adoption. As I listen to "Sarah's Song" I think about the angels hearing our prayers and helping us 'find' each other. We believe he is where he belongs. Music indeed changes everything.

Sissel your the best. May you have great fun with your family and friends. I wish you all the best for 2009 and always. A friend Leeny

John Barry said...

Hi! Your post paints a picture of heaven on earth. Your description is so vivid that I can visualise the beauty of the mountains and the snow. The picture of the sunrise is majestic. Nice to see that you are grateful for everything and that you worshipped at church on Christmas Eve.
God bless you and protect you always. Continued success in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sissel, Just wanted to wish the the Happiest and most prosporse
New Year ever ,to you and your family, My God always bless you ..kisses on each cheek
Yor Fan Mary

walui said...

I wish you and all their family members, a happy new year filled with peace health joy .Walui(Brazil)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sissel,
Dreamed of you last night.
Think of you more than I understand.
I like to check your blog from time to time to see that you are doing well. It seems even better than well. God bless you.
Today conditions are good for a nice long ski. My dispensation is to be alone for some time, but skis and woods are good friends.
I hope you continue to find the joy and satisfaction you express in this upcoming new year.
My good wishes to you,
Love, Jeff R

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year to you as well!
Thank you for the lovely season's greetings and the beautiful picture of the sunrise.

Best of wishes in the new year,

C, New York

Christine said...

Dear Sissel,

Thank you so much for your wonderful note. A very Happy New Year to you and your family.
You are truly blessed with a gift. It is the gift of joy and the gift of light. And this gift reflects in your music, your singing and everything you do or write.
Please, continue to inspire us and bring light to the world in this new year. There is so much pain, suffering, war, misery and darkness out there! You have the ability to lift this darkness like a beacon of light and hope through your singing.
This world and the kindness of other people struggling through everyday life and still helping others, the nature, the feeling we get through your singing, all of this, is the real spirituality and it gives us a real sense of wonder at the fantastic power of this universe and of the human spirit.
When we listen to your voice, it embodies everything that is good and sacred in the human spirit and it enlightens us in ways I simply cannot express with words.

So Happy New Year to you and we hope you stay healthy, safe and continue your wonderful work.

Christine, Rebecca and Cassandra

Cliff Kelsey said...

Christmas time also reminds me of your awesome concert in that beautiful old church a few years ago. You are not just the special voice but also the special person! Happy New Year (and put on a concert in Vancouver, B.C. sometime in the future, okay?)

Cheers, Cliff.