Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello dear friends!

We are getting closer to our last concert here in Sweden. Tonight the concert here in Västerås went very well.  Tomorrow we will be in Karlstad.
 The tour has been fantastic! So much joy, great venues, wonderful audiences and lovely music to sing and play. I really love working with the talented and gifted musicians in my band! ! They are the best! 
We had a day off yesterday , and I visited some friends in Stockholm. We were sitting there in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea and just enjoy this seldom moment of being together again while it was snowing outside. Perfect! And wonderful! I think of  my good friends as they are part of my family , and isn't it wonderful how big family you can have? You will never be alone!  
I hope you will have time to see some of your good friends in the rush before the seasonal holiday, or maybe in the holidays? What a blessing friends are!
The picture is taken today in beautiful Uppsala. Wet snow, lights and fresh air! And a very busy river!
Enjoy and take care everybody! 




irishnight said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,Here I am again back home in Dublin.Peggy and Alan said a big thank you for signing their programmes.Ihope you have a great time with family and friends,and cats over holiday season.Thanks again for beautiful concert,you looked and sounded wonderful.
Merry Christmas.
Liam Wilson

Ivo said...

Hi Sissel,

I'm glad the concerts have been going so well! It's always special when something you put your heart into goes well, and it's even better at Christmas time! Easily the best time of the year... ;-)

I've come home for the Christmas holiday, and I've been watching PBS, hoping to see some wonderful Christmas follow-up to the "Northern Lights" concert with maestro Carreras, but alas, there isn't one :-( I sure hope that there is one in the future! We all can't wait.

Cheers, Sissel! My heroine! Take care!


Anonymous said...

HI Sweet Sisel, So glad you are enjoying the snow and beautiful countries that your touring ,I had a let down the other day,I called
my local PBS station,trying to get
them to book you during the winter and early spring 2009, they told me you wanted to take a long vacation time off.. I so hoped we would see you again this year .. But next year in November im going to be in your beautiful Scandivia, hope to see you in concert at that time, I will be watching you blog for your engagements during that time ... Love your wonderful voice and sweet personality ... Yor Fan Mary From Kansas City,Missouri

Walui(Brasil) said...

That good to have many friends! That good have, good musicians working with you! How good you feel as a great family! That good that you are ma land of group ABBA ! They practically opened the doors to singers outside the USA and England, as AHA ,Roxette, and also to know what you ,Sissel, better songstress of all times !Tks on its voice wonderful ! One day I'll visit to Sweden and Norway ( best country in the world to live!)If care always !Which GOD bless you! Walui.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

Best wishes to you, your family, and your musical friends for a joyful Christmas and a great New Year's holiday. In 2009 may some peace gently fall on this unsettled earth like the wet snow and fresh air that you talk about and love so much. As always, I hope you will continue sharing your thoughts and musical gifts with those of us both near and far away.

Take care.


Juliana said...

I am watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert right now and listening to your angelic voice. Thank you for coming to Utah and sharing your talents with us. I wish you could come back so I could hear you again. :-)

Anonymous said...

Alle dine sanger. De er som glitrende vakre smykker.
Søndag kveld sang du Lascia Che Io Pianga for meg. Jeg har hørt deg synge den mange mange ganger før, men aldri live.
Du oppfylte så mange ønsker søndag kveld kjære Sissel. Tusen takk for julepresangen, den var akkurat sånn jeg ønsket meg aller mest :-)
De vakre julesangene og den innholdsrike og spesielle nydelige konserten i Flekkefjord.
Hvil deg godt da kjære Sissel når du etterhvert får mulighet til å kunne gjøre det, for jeg vil "ha deg" så lenge lenge ;-)

Juleklem og takk fra

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,love your singing and music you do so well. God Jul og God NyttÅr!

A loyal fan forever! (Ken in the snowy Idaho Mountains)

Anonymous said...

Hello again Sissel ,May you have a wonderful and joyous Christmas , and the best new year ever ..Thank you for the beautiful music i have the priviledge of listining to every day through out the year..your voice is truly that of an Angel.. May God Bless and Keep you and yours safe always..your Kansas city fan ...Mary

drwho said...

hi again!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I Love your songs^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel =)

i just got to know about you recently, and i really think that God has blessed you with a fantastic voice.

I am grateful that there is such a thing called internet, if not i would not have heard about you here in Singapore (a sunny island nation in Southeast Asia)

May you have a Merry Christmas and may God continue to bless you richly

(=^___^) SMILE!
Yi Han

Ivo said...


I wish you ALL the VERRRY best on this beautiful day of Jesus's birth!!! Have fun and sing carols with you friends and family!

Take care of yourself! Love you SO much!


Anonymous said...

Loved your comment about friends being part of your family and that you will never be alone. I know lonely. Most of my family is gone, and I don't have many close friends that I would consider family. Christmas is a lonely time for me, but it makes me happy that it is good for you.