Sunday, December 7, 2008

On tour in Sweden

Hello dear friends!

Hope you all are well and enjoying this time of year! 
I am now on tour in Sweden. It is going very well and I am really enjoying each and every concert. We had a day off today , and that was nice. Went to church here in Jönköping, in the Sofia kyrkan. What a beautiful church and service. It is good to sit there and to receive the gospel. Then just relax and enjoy the sunday. A perfect day off!
I post you some pictures  from our concert in Gothenburg and the team before we enter the stage. It is so great to work with these people! So much fun and great music! 

Take care and have a wonderful advent! 




Ivo said...

Heya Sissel!

The concert venue looks cool... nice light show and really nice outfit! I must say you look great!

Still here in California, hoping to get to attend your show one day... you're really an awesome gal!

Keep it up Sissel!

Anonymous said...

oh~ so beauty! hope see you someday~

from Chinese girl

Anonymous said...

Joda, ...det er sikkert greit det der med Sverige, ...å sånt, men det er ganske kjølig her i soveposen foran porten til Ueneshallen, så kan du skynde deg litt tror du?

Hilsen Gunnar
(takk for fine bilder,klem;-)

Akira said...

Hi Sissel,
Thank you to share your photos.
I hope you enjoy this time of the year too.
And I am sure your concerts are success in all places, with your beautiful voice and your team.
I hope hear your new songs soon.
I hope you a very Merry Christmas, a beautiful Christmas with your family.
Best wishes,

TheSobrietyCoach said...

Gad you're enjoying Sweden, but when are you coming to the US?

I live in the Buffalo, NY area.
My cousin Kate and her husband Richard, who live in Bergen (my father's hometown also)are coming to visit this summer. Come with them!
We'll all go to Niagara Falls and take the tour boat to the bottom of the falls. The view is as amazing as Fløyen.
God Jul og godt nyttår

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
It is just 7am. Im in Stoskholm Airport ready to go home.Thank you so much for a wonderful evening on Tuesday and for taking the time to meet after show.It realy was a very special night.Iwish you and all your family and friends a very
happy and peaceful christmas.Take Care..
Liam Wilson.Dublin.