Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello again Winter!

Dear friends, 

I must say that I really enjoy being on the road with my good friends, my musical family. 
- But the best part is always coming home! Right now I am preparing for the Christmas tour in Sweden which starts on the 3. of December. I love the holiday season! It is not hard to get in the mood, as it is snowing outside my window. Wonderful!
In this weekend I visited some friends up in the mountains and we had i great time skiing.
 What a treat! This cold , fresh air! I don't look at myself as any good skier! But I have great fun , and that is the most important thing; To have fun and enjoy!
Well, I have to head back to my Christmas songs. On Sunday I will be singing in the Norwegian Seaman's Church in Copenhagen. They are celebrating their 50th year anniversary for the
 King Haakons church. It is an honor to sing on this special day.

Hope you all are fine and remember to enjoy! 



Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

Wonderful that you are having fun in the snow. In Idaho the snow is yet to arrive. For a skier like me it is so difficult to wait, but I'm happy for you. Maybe we can ski together someday if you come to the Pacific Northwest. Otherwise, guess I'll have to journey to Norway and ski which I didn't get the chance to do in 2007.

May your upcoming concerts in Denmark and Sweden go well for you as I'm sure they will as your Band and YOU are so professional. I'll faithfully continue to listen to you sing and pray that you will return to America soon. Pray for snow in Idaho and be happy.

A Sissel fan forever! Ken in the Idaho Mountains.

Anonymous said...

Lykke til med juleturneen. Guds velsignelse over alt du gjør, Sissel.

Ivo said...

Hello again there Sissel!

That snowy winter landscape looks so serene and beautiful! Looks like the perfect setting for some skiing. I really hope you enjoyed yourself! When you aren't singing, you can practice your slaloms! :-D

I can't wait to hear/see from your experiences with the upcoming Christmas concerts! I hope they are a rousing success. I had heard rumors in February of this year that you had another deal with PBS for a Holiday 2008 special, but I haven't heard anything since. I hope that these become a reality!

Whatever happens, I hope you have a blast doing what you do so well! Singing (and apparently skiing)!

Take care Sissel!

Anonymous said...

Heeei så fint! Skulle gjerne havnet skikkelig i heisen med deg :-) Seile helt opp til toppen i en lang og litt treig skiheis.
Og hvis jeg hadde blitt bønnhørt så hadde det blitt en passe lang driftsstans også ;-)
Så fint å stå der oppe og beundre landskapet og lyset. For så å slippe seg utfor. Den gode følelsen av å være litt mye akkurat passe modig til å ha det gøy og kose seg. Enten det går i frittfall eller plog. Bare prestere for seg selv i takt med dagsformen og lysten.
Jeg elsker vinter og er helt avhengig av den. Og hva hadde sommer og de to andre vært uten vinter?
Det påståes at hvert enkelt snøkrystall har sin egen form. Helt ubegripelig! Jeg har riktignok ikke selv tatt meg bryet med å telle og sammenlikne planetens samlede antall snøkrystaller, for det er ganske mange av de ;-) Bra at de er godt egnet til å flyte avgårde på med ski eller fjøl på bena. Gøy å ake og!
Gleder meg veldig til neste tur som blir 14.desember. I kystmiljø på lavlandet. Da blir det kveldskjøring i kunstlys. Og jeg vet det blir et fantastisk silkeføre! Bare å slippe seg utfor og flyte avgårde. Ikke på snø denne gang, men på din helt unike stemme. Det skal bli så inderlig fint å ta med seg den opplevelsen og følelsen inn i julen. Takk for all gleden du gir kjære Sissel!!!

Hilsen Gunnar

erasmusthewise said...

Hi Sissel
I hope the preparations for the Swedish concerts are going well. The snow looks beautiful (a little bit has been hitting the UK but not as much as that). I guess Norwegians are almost born on skis!!!
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Sweet Sissel,I hope that Ivo heard right about you comming to the USA again in February. I will be the first in line to get my meet and greet ticket..After meeting you the last time you were here ,i will always look foreward to greeting you every time you come to Kansas city.. Wish you would post the names of your new songs,you have that beautiful voice that has enchanted my heart from the first minute I heard you sing ....Your Fan Forever.... Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
The people of Sweden are so blessed to get to hear you sing at one of your Christmas concerts. Oh, how I wish that you would come back to Salt Lake City and perform here again. Your voice is like none other in the world.
We miss you. I miss you.


Christy said...


I found this info on king Haakons church.

Quoted from a web page: “Kong Haakons Church is a gift from the Norwegian people to King Haakon, who came from Copenhagen in 1905 for, at the request of the Norwegian people, to begin its work as the king of Norway. When King Haakon had a 50-year jubiluem that the Norwegian king, it was decided to collect money to a people gave to the popular monarch. These funds were used to build seaman church in København.og this year is the 50 years since the church was consecrated.” Indeed it must have been a great honor to sing at the celebration! :-)

I wish you a very Happy Christmas, and what a wonderful one it will be for you to be able to share your joy of music and combine it with the love of Christmas! My best wishes for you and yours.


Anonymous said...

I just starting to listen to Sissel
right at the first time I notice something very special about her voice and energy she really is a gifted artist that has to get more exposure to her benefit .
the world we live in is going through some difficult times , war , economy ,social issues and is very important that we ground our selves with good energy and positive thinking..
to listen to Sissel's singing really is a inspiration and she does it with such a passion and angelical ways . thank you for sharing your beautiful gifted voice with us and bring your talent singing to Canada , alberta we love you.