Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tour in Denmark

Hello dear friends, 
the tour here in Denmark has been wonderful! Every concert has been such a great experience for all of us on the stage. The audiences has really showed us their appreciation of our music. 
The new songs has all been very well received. So a big smile! ;-)
The whole tour started a bit funny. On my way to Oslo for the last rehearsal, I traveled from Copenhagen in beautiful mild autumn weather. Then we couldn't take off  cause the airport in Oslo was closed due to....: SNOW! A bit strange as the weather was so mild in Denmark , it is only 50
 min flight! Wow it was so beautiful to arrive into this white winterland! I had totally forgotten how it feels with the snow and cold fresh air! Acctually I found it as the best start for the tour! But we haven't seen any snow after that here i Denmark. Here it is still autumn with wind, sunshine, rain and leaves in beautiful warm colors.  
Sending you 2 pic. The gang ready for tour at the rehearsal in Oslo. And the two, Sidsel and Sissel, for a walk in beautiful sunshine in Århus.  
Take care! 
;-) Sissel


erasmusthewise said...

Hi Sissel
Terrific show on Saturday in Naestved. It was also fantastic to chat to you afterwards,it made my birthday exceptionally special! Good luck with the rest of the tour.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Oj, her var det flere årstider på en gang. Bilde 1. med the Wild Bunch midt i vinteren. Og bilde 2. med nydelig bladverk farget av høst. Mens ansiktene i forgrunnen skaper høysommer inne i meg selv om jeg er omgitt av snø her på over 1000m o.h. Dagslyset svinner bak Hallingskarvet og den blå timen fornemmes. Jeg tror det må være sørlig vind for jeg kan høre din vidunderlige sang helt hit mellom fjellene her.
Men likevel, jeg er på feil sted!
3. søndag i advent derimot blir det riktig. Helt riktig.
Lykke til videre med konsertene og takk for go-ord og trivelige bilder kjære Sissel.


Anonymous said...

Hei, dearest Sissel,
I have to agree with you, about the first 6 concerts anyway - they were fantastic. The music - wonderful; the singing - terrific; you - more beautiful than ever (as usual). I especially liked the new songs, even if you feel some of them are not quite polished enough yet. Every night, I tried to count how many songs you sang; every night, I got lost in the music and lost count. I can't tell you how great it is to see you sing; to see your eyes sparkle; to see those beautiful eyes smile. Can you tell that the greatest joy in my life is to see you sing ?

Back when I was in school, I discovered music and found that it touched something deep inside my soul, touches me like nothing else does. Three and a half years ago, I discovered your website, your music and you, and it changed me forever. If you were to ask me what my favourite music is, I would ask you "what are you singing now ?". Oh well, I guess I’m just going to have to wait until I have the time and money to come to another concert – maybe in April,

Akira said...

Hi Sissel,
Its very wonderful hears you about your new songs. I hope release of your new CD and DVD of your tour and concert soon.
Take care too.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
Great to hear from you.The snow looks beautiful,Hope it will be good weather in Stockholm for your concert on 9th Dec.Iwill be over for 5 days.You look so well in photos.Looking forward to seeing you again.Best Wishes from Ireland.
Liam Wilson.

Ivo said...


how are you? great to hear from you again! you and your gang look great in those photos, you really look like a 2nd family to one another!

the snow looks so beautiful, and like a lot of fun. must provide a great backdrop to your concerts! I wish so much that I could attend...

all the best sissel! i know it will all go great for you! best of luck!


Anonymous said...

I can`t see the picture :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,

Until I saw your PBS special, I had never heard of you. Now, I find myself hoping you'll return to America soon so I can come to one of your shows and hear you sing. It's amazing to me how someone can be so incredibly talented AND incredibly beautiful at the same time!! I think you're awesome...keep singing to us! Your voice reminds me of angels! William, Washington, D.C. USA