Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preparing my tour for Denmark

Hello friends!

Hope life is good to you all!
I am now in the middle of preparing my tour for Denmark. Rehearsals next week with my band, and that is very exciting. I hope we will get the chance to play some new songs that we have been working on. The concerts is inspired by the beautiful light we have during our four seasons here in the North. And outside now there is this intense light of autumn! Ah!
I am also working on a program for purchase.( A little extra memory from the concert). I will have pictures and a story from the year that is soon over. A year of many great experiences! This picture is from this summer! Sidsel(harp), Åshild (violin) and myself, and one of the boys sneaking in in the background..... It was I recall, very fresh air! We just had to go out in the snow! A couple of hours before we had been by the fjord in light summer clothes.

But now it is autumn and I do love this crispy air and bright sun, and the storms and rain showers! As long as there is a nice mix of them!

I do hope that you all will have some time to enjoy this beautiful time of year. 

Take care!




Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

oh yes, life has been very good to us - we had the great chance to visit the performance of Kjetil Bjerkestrands wonderful "Missa Triptychon" in Ålesund with you as soloist! Our stay in this beautiful town was such an experience, we will never forget it! All musicians were excellent: the orchestra, the choir, the band - and you crowned the performance with your incomparable voice! I hope the mass will be published on CD in the future - if possible together with a booklet, were we can find all the words from the sufi-religion that were recited by Sverre Anker Ousdal. With Gunnar and his wife (and the parrot Chico) we even have found some new friends, so after three days, it was really heard to say "goodbye" to Ålesund. I'm very curious about your programme for the Danmark-tour, because I have a ticket for your concert in Naestved. I'm sure, it will be a fantastic concert!
Best wishes

Raymond said...

Hei, dearest Sissel,
yes, like you I'm starting to become excited about the Denmark tour, as I'm going to be able to see you sing again after such a long break !!! And with some new material too ... fantastic. Although it’s great to hear from you here, and to hear about all the little things that touch your heart, I am sooooo looking forward to seeing you again,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
So good to hear from you,and you are enjoying the great weather of Autumn.I wish you lots of happy times in Denmark.Iwill be at your Christmas concert in The Circus in
Stockholm in Dec,God willing.Look
forward to that.Is there a new cd,dvd in the pipeline for Christmas?You are all looking great in Photo.We have v.wet,and windy weather in Dublin just now,think Iwill move to Norway.
Take Good Care ;Very Best Wishes,
Your Irish Fan. Liam Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,Nice to see you on line again, I hope yopu are doing a new CD, Im so very intereste to hear your new music,whatever it is im sure it will be as beautiful as ever..When do you plan another tour to the USA, I will call my local PBS station and inquire when they are going to sponser another Tour..... yourFan Mary

Anonymous said...

Sissel - I saw you perform with Howard Shore in Seattle (Lord of the Rings Symphony). Your singing of "Into the West" was absolute perfection! Is there any chance you will ever record this song on a CD?

Ivo said...

Hey there Sissel!

What an awesome environment... looks quite brisk! Amazing that it is so cold so early!

i'm back at the university for studies, and your music is an integral part of the experience. such healing powers I can't find anywhere else.

thank you so much for the update, and keep on keepin' on!

hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Ååå, fint bilde da Sissel. Bildet av 3.eminente musikere. Hver for seg glitrende solister på hvert sitt fantastiske instrument. Omgitt av vakkert landskap.
Som toppes av dere ;-)
(eh, skal dere på kino en kveld?)

Masse lykke til med konsertene i Danmark og Sverige!!!
Hver eneste en av de skulle jeg så mer enn gjerne vært på. Men,jeg har et julegaveønske i år, og er jeg heldig går det i oppfyllelse 10.dager før julaften.

Takk for det flotte og koselige bildet og dine hyggelige ord kjære Sissel.
Hilsen Gunnar

Anonymous said...

Sissel have a wonderful time doing your fall tours.
I will never forget what a memorable time it was for me to see you live in concert! You had said in an interview that only a few artists have the singing talent to make you feel they were singing only to you. In that audience I lost myself in your presence and I forgot I was surrounded by hundreds of people. You have that talent and much much more!

Here we have been having above average temperatures.
In our front yard we actually have a rhododendron in bloom.
Never has this happened before in my lifetime in mid October! I really am enjoying the leaves all changing colors.The fall is such a beautiful time of the year.

It is hard to believe that soon this year will be over. You have had such a full schedule and I don’t know how you find the
time to do all that you do! Your younger cat must be full size by now They don’t stay kittens long enough. I am sure this program you’re working on for purchase will be something very special!
I can’t hear enough of your unique musical talent! You have a style
which shines above the masses of other artists. The journey you are on is a positive one! I hope this journey will include
another trip across the pond! Until then I enjoy reading your fans concert reviews in the Forum,and all that you share here
in your Blog page.

Thanks again for you being you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
You and your voice are so incredible. I've been watching and listening to what you looked like and sounded like at all different ages on YOU TUBE. It's no wonder that the people of Norway call you their "super hero". You are my hero too. Are you making a CD of the music from your Scandinavian tour? I asked at FYE the other day if you were releasing any new CD's. They said that they had not been notified of any yet. You mentioned on your last "blog" that you are putting together a program for purchase. Is there someway that people in the USA can buy one even if they didn't get to go to any of your concerts in Scandinavia? I'm sure that other people besides just myself would like to get one too. MKD in SLC.

Michael R. said...

Dear Sissel,

This is my first visit to your webpage and blog (stunning backgrounds!) and I feel it in it's place to thank you for all good music you've provided to us over the past years. You are truly amazing and I hope to one day be as talented a singer as you, although I know for sure I'll never reach you level of talent :-) I hope you'll continue to enjoy the beautiful autumn, and all the best on your tour in Denmark!

With love,

Barb said...

Dear Sissel,
I love your blog and you and your beautiful voice. So amazing and healing and inspiring...
Where you sing is also so beautiful. My dream is to come to Scandinavia and hear you in concert.
A devoted fan, Barb.

Anonymous said...


For nå vet jeg at mitt julegaveønske for julen 2008 høyst sannsynelig kommer til å gå i oppfyllelse.
Ååå, du er god!!!
TUSEN TAKK kjære Sissel!!!


Kevin R said...

Hi Sissel
Like Axel I'm very much looking forward to your concert at Naestved. (A bit of a birthday celebration for me!). Good luck with the whole tour and keep posting your thoughts and experiences for us to enjoy.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

It's great to hear from you again and see you relaxing with some of your musical friends.

So this is what SUMMER looks like in Norway and Sweden! It makes me grateful that my ancestors moved to the USA where living under a beautiful blue sky in a mild climate is one of our choices.

I do hope you will release a new CD or DVD soon. The winter holiday season is a great time for musical gift giving. Your exceptional voice and the wonderful music that you and your friends create are so precious and loved by all who listen.

Please take care, and best wishes always.


Soledad said...

Dear Sissel,
I am Soledad from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love your voice and songs so much that I almost don't talk about anything else since I discovered you a year ago. I would like to send you a book I have bought with pictures of Patagonia in Argentina, as I know mountains are a source of inspiration for you.
Is it ok if I send you the book to the Management address in your web site? (I mean Continental Artist Management AS).
Thank you very much. Your songs have changed my life!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel

I am so looking forward to Thursday the 30th. I am excited about the new songs you mention. I hope there will soon be yet another great album or better DVD from you.
Actually so glad you made a great tour in the States but also that we can still enjoy you here.

A long time fan,


Hanus said...

Dearest enchanted Sissel,

About 17 years ago you stole my heart whilst performing/touring in the Faroe Islands. Especially when you sang the Faroese Song "Tidin rennur sum streymur i a" so beautifully. Your voice was then described as that of an angel which I'm certain you've heard mention many times.

What I wanted to know first of all is was if you have made any thoughts of travelling back to the Faroe Islands, as I know you would be welcomed as if you were one of our own.
And also have you made any plans of a UK Tour.

A friend said...

Dearest Sissel,
I am so excited to hear of the program you've been working on of your memories and concerts from 2008! Will it be a DVD? in english? I'll keep watching for it on your web page "music and media" section.
By the way, we could really use a "Sissel fix" here in the USA. Your voice (and presence) is soooo calming and healing. Miss you :) Leeny