Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello dear friends! 

Thank you for all your nice words and messages!
Hope you all are fine and at good health! 
How time just fly!
I have been busy with starting up some new projects. Very exciting! Planning upcoming concerts and tours for spring , summer and winter and a new album project.  In between,  I have been so lucky to get the chance to enjoy the beauty of our wonderful nature in Norway. Well, I guess no surprise that I love to be out in the snow and go skiing! 

Right now there is so much snow and winter in Norway. In Oslo you have only 10-15 min from downtown to the most fantastic skiing area! You can go for miles! 
Sending you a picture from my latest trip up in the mountains of Hardangervidden a few weeks ago.... 
Take care and enjoy life! 




Ivo said...

hello again Sissel!!!! it's been a long time...

With regards to that picture... all I can say is: WOW! First of all, it is so surreal it almost looks like a painting... Second, it is so enigmatic, and in a way exotic! Like I could have never have imagined so much snow... thank my California upgringing! LoL

I cannot even explain how happy I am to hear that you're working on new material and a new set of concerts! I wish you only the very best with all your endeavours!

Sissel, go it! You are the best, without equivocation!

Love you! Take care.

Akira said...

Hi Sissel,
It is so good to hear you again in your blog.
I imagine the fantastic and splendorous nature of Norway. I believe one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Some day I hope to be in your country.
New album project!? That is great. I hope DVD together.
We hope soon this new release.
Take care and best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
thank you so much for the beautiful photograph and your good wishes! You are right: The winter in the North can be so wonderful. Last Friday, I have returned from a two-week journey to Finnish Lappland. I made my first ride on a hot-air-balloon. It is unbelievable beautiful to see this landscape beyond the Arctic Circle from above!
I can't wait to hear something about your new album!! We will visit your concerts in Bergen and at Dalhalla. Our plane to Bergen goes in 92 days!

All the very best

Anonymous said...

Kjære Sissel, det bildet er så stemningsfullt. Har nettopp kommet hjem fra 10.dager på ski i Skarvet. Nå som jeg fikk se bildet ditt fikk jeg lyst til å legge i vei igjen. Men nå er det jo bare å spenne på seg skiene utenfor egen dør. Herlig følelse å gå på ski i skogen i lavlandet også.
Lykke til med forberedelser og prosjekter kjære Sissel. Gleder meg så skikkelig til konsertopplevelse med deg.
Neste uke passer helt fint ;-)
Takk for sjeldent vakkert bilde og dine hyggelige ord.
Alt godt ønsker jeg for deg.


Anonymous said...

Hi again sweet Sissel, It has been a long time, sounds like you are planning more nice concerts and Albums for your fans.. I promised to come to Norway or Denmark this year, i just bought my ticket to copenhagen this week ,will see you in concert at the tivoli on Oct.30,2009
But most of all will get to see you beautiful Northern lights,and hopefully get to speak with you
again, you did not come to kansas city this year so I will come to
you ..I hope to be able to get good seats to your concert,I WONDERED if you will speak english or will i need an interperter..LOL
God Bless you Sissel... your Fan Mary

Walui said...

Hello ,Sissel! You do not know with joy I read that publishes this blog. I am more than happy know that this new work. God bless you. Walter/Brazil

Sissel said...

Hi Mary,

I read your message, and was happy to hear from you. But! I became a bit alarmed when you wrote that you are planning to buy tickets for a show that is not planned! I AM NOT SINGING IN TIVOLI ON THE 30TH OF OCTOBER!



Anonymous said...

Sissel, Thank you for the return comment, I guess i got the wrong Information ,Sorry i will not be attending a concert while im in Denmark.. But do hope i will get to see your Northern lights and im sure i will enjoy seeing your city anyway.. Do you have any concerts planned between Oct29th and november 22nd 2009 I will be in Europe that long..Please come back
to the USA again soon... God Bless you always .. Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
Glad to see thatyou are enjoying some time skiing on Norway's marvelous, abundant snow.

Looking forward to your new projects and hope some involve the Northwestern US.

Thinking of you as I listen to your singing with that heavenly voice. Love, Ken

erasmusthewise said...

Hi Sissel
It sounds like you have had a lovely winter. I wait with anticipation to hear more about the projects that you have planned.
All the best

nadia said...

I absolutely love the picture, it looks like a paiting picture.. So moonlike loveable, with silentness, calm, peacefull and many other things..

I just wish i saw it earlier.

Nadia in Copenhagen...