Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi Friends!

A brief note here from my hometown Bergen. I am doing press here today for my upcoming tour. I will have the first concert on the tour here on Nov 13th. Beautiful sun here today but mostly I will be indoor for interviews. But it is so nice to be home again. It is wonderful!
Take care!



Anonymous said...

Hi Again Sissel,
Beautiful Bergen,Last time Iwas there was for your concert with Bryn Terfel,What a great time.We have no sun here in Dublin,just dull weather.
Good luck with inetviews.Keep well.
Best Wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hei og takk kjære Sissel. Alltid godt å komme hjem :-) og jeg er veldig sikker på at du er ekstra velkommen hjem ;-)
Solen varmer godt på bar hud ennå, særlig hvis den kalde vind holder seg borte. Men kulden siger på. Da er det fint å vite at andre varmekilder (som f.eks. cd-utgivelse og konserter) holder oss varme gjennom den kalde vinter :-)
Alt godt ønsker jeg for deg,
hilsen meg.

Ivo said...

welcome home sissel!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
Thinking of you in beautiful Bergen and the memories I still have of my visit there in 2007. Hope you get the chance to get outdoors and do some hiking. I just heard one of the songs off your new album and as always it is most enjoyable to my ears. Love, Ken

Kenneth said...

I will never be satisfied until i see a concert in person. I can't believe I am first person to respond to a posting by Sissel! I will see a concert of yours. Most beautiful VOICE on this earth.

Kenneth said...

Am 61 year old and must see her in concert before I leave this earth. I must see her before she sings forever in Heaven. Will be there too.

Anonymous said...


I would LOVE to be there to, or see you on TOUR... Do you remember DALHALLA 2005 ? We were in the same hotel and talk a little in the lounge...

But OUR time will come and we hear, see meet SECOND time...

All the best from GERMANY

Wolly :o)

Anonymous said...

Sissel, Im sure your home town of Bergan is beautiful this time of year ,the trees must be changing colors, im sure you enjoy seeing your family as well ,spending the special times togather..Your Northern lights will soon be shining bright,that must be such a site to see ,it is still my dream to see your Aurora boreails
in Norway.. God Bless you love dont forget to come to the Usa and Kansas city , soon..I love your concerts.. love you Mary

Kenneth said...

Wish I could hear and see Sissel, would be a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Glade to hear you are home in Bergen and the sun is able to shine. I've heard it can be cloudy with much rain. A beautiful fall day with sunshine here in the mountains of Idaho. You must slip outside and do a hike. Stay healthy and be happy. Love, Kenle

Robert said...

Dear Sissel,

I discovered you on YouTube a year or so ago. It was your concert in Vienna with Placido Domingo and Charles Aznavour. I was instantly charmed by your voice and your smile as well as your simplicity and authenticity.

I would love to see you in concert but being a simple farm worker I cannot afford a flight to Norway. I hope you will come to Canada some day.

(near Montréal)

Anonymous said...

How to write?
To presume without knowing.
To see a mirror in you eyes and in your songs, to tell you these things.
To who?
I am stopped,as if I have arrived, there is no further place to go.I will stay here and be here.
To you,
to me?
Jeff, MN,USA