Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hi friends - I am alive!

Dear Friends!

Long blog! Well, time passes fast when there is a lot to do.
Still some summer is left....took this picture yesterday in a park nearby.
I have been in studio and travelled a lot. Visitied new places I have never been before! - enjoyed and still enjoy life with my family and friends.

I had a terrible cold this spring and luckily I only had to cancel my studiotime and move it to august as I had to be very careful with singing and using my voice. I had good people helping me along the way....
I caught the cold while I was in China on tour with the Trondheim Soloists. I had been looking forward to that tour for such a long time. When we came to Beijing the wonderful professor Ms Han at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing helped me so I managed to sing a little. I hope I will have the chance to come back one day and do a full concert! What a wonderful audience and I met some very gifted singers!

We are still working in studio and we all hope that we will be done in time for release this winter! Exciting! I am very lucky to have so many talented and gifted people around me and with me.
Sending you some studio pictures later and here are some from my tour in China...Well, from a hotel room, and inside a car as I had this terrible cold! ;-( My view from one of my hotel rooms.

My manager in a Chinese cab ;-)

Have a wonderful life everybody and take care!




Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
So sorry to hear you were unwell in China,but glad you are ok now.Im sure it was a wonderful time for you in China,maybe you will get to come to Dublin someday.I saw Paddy Maloney
in The City just today,but as Iwas in my car,couldnot get talking to him.Ihave my ticket for your concert in Stavanger,last time Iwas there was for concert with Placido.Look forward to seeing you then.Keep well and happy.
Best Wishes,
Liam Wilson,

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

it is so wonderful that "you are back" after such a long time! I heard that your new album will be released in november. Well, it is hard to wait so long! I hope so much that we will see you on stage this year. If you will give concert on a saturday, we will not hesitate and book a flight! It would be our best Christmas present!

All the very best from Helga an me!


Knud Riishøjgård said...

Good to hear from you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel, I have missed you very much..Sorry to hear you have a bad cold,i hope it passes very quickly.
I am looking foreward to your new CD comming out, it has been a long dry spell.But i am glad to hear you have had a lot of time with your family. Hope you will come to the USA again soon.You get us hooked on your music ,then we only get a chance to see your concerts every 2-3 years look foreward to hearing from you again soon
love you Mary..

Stenar said...

Glad for å høre noe nytt ifra deg. Jeg er glad at du har blitt bedre etter din tur i Kina. Desverre du fikk ikke synge en hel konsert. Jeg lurte på hvorfor du sang bare to sanger.

Ser ganske mye fram til nye platen din.

Vennlig hilsen,
Robert A Jones
Salt Lake City

Anonymous said...

Hei Sissel, takk for vakker blomst. Ja fortsatt litt sommer igjen. Ikke så mange dagene siden jeg svømte i fjorden, men sommeren er under avvikling. Da er det fint å ha noe å se frem til og glede seg til. Og det er det definitivt mye av for meg! Lykke til med cd'n og konsertene kjære Sissel.
Smittefri(forkjølelse er noe herk) klem fra meg.
Hilsen Gunnar

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are doing well looking forward to your new cd. Love to here you sing.Hope you can come back to Utah soon

geir said...

Hi Sissel!!

I have been watching your sites like a slave, waiting for info on this years xmas and upcoming events...I was at two of your shows, at last years tour with Odd, and I am praying that you will make it back on stage this year. When will info on this be posted? Whip your management for better updates on your site - die hard fans should be kept up to date!! ;) Can't wait for new material or concert dates! best wishes...

kevin said...

Hi Sissel
I hope you've recovered fully fom your cold. (I guess it wasn't man-flu obviously, maybe Sissel-flu?!!! or as it was in China, Sino-Sissel flu!!!).
I'm looking forward to the new album, is it still looking good for a release this year?
I guess you're looking forward to your concerts at the end of the year, can you give us some clues about new songs you will be sharing with us?
I'd also like to add that you're looking stunning in the new photos on the web-site (as always!).
Enjoy Autumn

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God that you are alive and well again!! I was worried about you and missing your postings. The air in Bejing looks unbreathable in your photos. Love your latest photo.
Stay healthy and keep singing so beautifully. Ken