Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello dear friends, 

Hope you are all well! Thanks for all messages! 
I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you again. Been very busy! 
Now I am her in my own beloved hometown, Bergen! 
The most amazing sunny weather! This town is so beautiful!
Yesterday we had our first concert as the trio of Trygve on the piano, Geir on guitars and myself on vocal. Wow! That was so fun and a really enjoyable evening for us! The picture is from the rehearsal. 
What a special place to sing and perform. 
I am so much looking forward to this evenings concert. Leaving in half an hour. 
Yesterday before the concert Trygve and I got a special treat: Lizzie , who lives in Edvard Griegs home, took us up at the roof of the house. What a view! It is said that Grieg had an herb and vegetable garden up there..... Hm..
I will write some more later... now I have to rush and make myself ready for take off!

Take care!




Walui said...

Sissel, I dream about the day that I will be able to assit to one of their live concerts, nor that one day I have to travel for far! I want that God blesses you, all the always! That you have a great show with Bryn Terfel on Tuesday ! Good luck for you and take care! Walter (Brasil)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel, I am so glad to hear what is happening with your concerts again..This has been a long dry spell since we last heard from you.. But i hope you have had a lovely summer so far, and special days with your girls.. Will you be comming to the Usa this next spring ,it seems ages since I have seen you in person. But thank God I have your CD's & DVD's to fill in,I listen to your beautiful voice every day. God Bless you Sissel ....Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel, I was so happy to get online this AM and find that you had finally had time to write to us. I know that your concert tour will go very well. How I wish that I could be there. I watch you on Youtube all the time because you do not have out any new DVDs yet. The last time that I was in Murray, UT I went to the Barnes and Norble store where you came and signed CDs and let us take pictures with you. I just stood there with tears I my eyes and remembered. MKD in SLC

Ivo said...

hello again dear sissel!!!!

great to hear from you again on your journeys... Bergen in the springtime really seems like something unbelievably beautiful [on a sunny day that is!]. the colours, dark vivid greens, the dark blue of the sea and the beautiful blue of the sky with pearly white clouds... it is simply amazing. I can see what Norwegians have to be proud of, and I can also see what we non-Norwegians have to be envious of!!! ;-D simply spectacular.

once again i could not make it to these recent concerts, but i hope they worked out well! it appears they did. I am very happy for you!

cheers sissel! love you!