Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello again friends!

Hope your life is good!
I've been in Trondheim and had a great session with my pianist Trygve for the 2 Troldhaugen concerts in my hometown Bergen, at the end of May. Together with my guitarist Geir, we will be playing concerts in Edvard Grieg's home, more precisely, in his living room! A very intimate and acoustic setting with only the three of us and about 80 people in the audience.

I'm sending you a picture from our working session. We really are looking forward to these concerts and hope to see you!

Take care!




heroineworshipper said...

Wonder if Americans ever get into the Sissel band or if U have to be Novegian. Just need a few million for a music studio.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Sissel, Each time i see your picture you look different..Very nice hair cut this year ,you Truly get more beautiful every year ..You have that voice of an ANGEL,that is so loved by your Fans ...I will be watching your schedule of performances as I get closer to my trip to Europe .. Your Avid fan ..Mary

Anonymous said...

Lykke skyldes så mangt.
Som f.eks. det å ha billetter til dine konserter i Bergen :-) :-D
Ja livet er godt kjære Sissel.
Hver gang jeg ser deg blir jeg glad!
Hver gang jeg hører deg blir jeg ennu gladere!!
Og når jeg både ser og hører deg, .....mangler jeg ingenting!!!
Lykke er ofte flyktig. Så derfor, takk for all gleden og den laaange lykken ;-)

Alt godt til deg kjære Sissel.
Hilsen Gunnar

eh,..er det ikke tryggest å ha en sånn derre prøvekonsert lissom? Med hvertfall en publikummer til stede lissom? Jeg kan gjerne ofre meg der jeg,...lissom..

Akira said...

Hi Sissel,
It is seem great and very inspirative your concert in the Grieg's house. Your beautiful voice combined with the classic Grieg’s mood.
I think Mrs. Nina will be very happy for it...
Take care too.
and thank you for your photo.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sissel,
Sure would love to listen to your concert in person at Troldhaugen in late May. I had the chance to tour Edvard Grieg's home on my visit to Norway in 2007. It will be a beautiful setting for your performance. Love, Ken

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

yes, we will see you at Troldhaugen! Since last December I'm counting the days and the hours. For me it is the greatest thing on earth to hear you singing in your native town in Edvard Grieg's home. Can we hope to hear some of his compositions - that would be so wonderful! "Solveig's Song" is my absolute favourite. We also have tickets for your concert with Bryn Terfel. It is an open-air concert and I have heard that it rains sometimes in Bergen ;-)
All the very best!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
I have been so "hungry" for new music of yours to listen to that a friend of mine got two of your import CDs, Soria Moria and Innerst I Sjelen (Deep Within My Soul), and gave them to me. Even though I can't understand the words I found that it doesn't really matter. I LOVE the music, instrumentation and especially your voice and the way that you sing the songs. I know that when you have perfected your new CD that you will put it out for us to purchase. We will be waiting. I would love to come to Norway for the concert that you mentioned. I know that it will be great. But for those of us who can't travel that far we will wait for your CD and maybe a DVD.
I would also like to thank you for your words that I found rather by accident the other night at www.sissel.cc/soria.html. What beautiful thoughts. Thank you for just being you.


Leeny said...

Dearest Sissel and band,
I recently bought your Nordisk Vinternatt album and want you to know-I love it! Sissel I could listen to your voice for eternity. All you musicians sound sooooo good! What awesome talents you all have. I especially like the beautiful harp in 'Jeg Lagde Meg Sa Silde', and the dramatic violin in 'Du Ar Den Ende'. This is a fantastic CD. I'm looking forward to your nexy album and hearing Trygve on the piano. :)
I hope to see you all in concert again and possibly talk with you at a "linger longer".
Keep up the good work. Leeny

Ivo said...

Hello again Sissel!!!

good to see you busy and pensive... I can't wait to hear your new stuff!!!

spring break is almost upon us here in California, I hope to read more positive updates from you here on your blog! it's really an amazing resource. :-)

take care sissel!


wallui1958 said...

You did not imagine as I am happy see a photo its newly (near). I hope that everything is fine with you and with her daughters and family . I am with plans travel for Bergen on 30 May this year so to hear at least once, in the life ,in live; even more in the chamber Grieg.Not will know whether I will stand so much emotion ! I hope that GOD will help me and bless you and your family, forever ! Tks by postar its photo with Trygve. Walter (Brazil)

Yevgeniy - Евгений said...

I never knew about you before coming randomly on Youtube upon your performance of Weightless. Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Everything - your voice, choreography, artistic expression, stage presence, videography. Fantastic! It's like you impersonate there The Woman - the femininity of the humanity at its best! Greeting from California and best wishes in your life and singing career! I hope to listen to you live someday. Yevgeniy.

Ivo said...

sissel, I have a perfect idea for your next album:

duet with Andrea Bocelli? You really are the soprano equivalent to him... gorgeous technique, easy top notes, classical-crossover repertoire. you guys could record some original material (make sure it has some high notes for both of you), one of his older hits, or even an operatic duet!

I'm not trying to sound ridiculous, but you two together would really be a meeting of so much talent, you guys could easily produce an entire ALBUM of material, not only one song. but start out small, if nothing else!

but seriously, duet with Bocelli would just be spectacular. Perfect vocal match. not to mention how well it would sell...

ciao bella!

wu said...

I love you sooooo much~.
I'm from a small city - Hong Kong. It's too far away from you. But I hope you would have a concert here one day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
I just wonder if you could have a concert in HK one day .
Love you so much.
god bless you.


Davor said...

Dear Sissel,

at first thank you for sharing your blog with us. I remember your old homepage, but do not care, this new one is wonderful.

The citizens of Bergen are very happy people because they can here you not only on CD-s, but also live.
To have a concert in Grieg's living room will be a very special experience. May God bless all the people who will be your audience (and you too).

If you will ever have the time to come more south (I live in Croatia), people would be very happy to go to a concert of you.

Two years before I wrote on my blog about your music and people were so happy that they discovered not only your voice, but also you as a heartwarming positive person who goes with a lot of optimism through the life.

Take care of you:)

Davor Topic
Rijeka, Croatia

Davor Topic said...

Dear Sissel,

thank you for taking you time to share your blog with us.

I think it will be a vey special event to have a concert in Grieg's living room. May God bless you and the audience.

It would be nice if you will have a concert not to far away from the town I live.

Take care of you ;-)

Rijeka, Croatia

Anonymous said...

Hei igjen Sissel.
Kjenner jeg er litt lei av sne nå faktisk.
Hvertfall den som ligger rundt veggene her. Kommer ikke til og få gjort det jeg vil.
Så nå åpner jeg vinduene rund baut, legger inn din musikk og drar volumet skikkelig opp på anlegget. Tar ikke lang tid før det blir helt snefritt rundt her.

Takk for hjelpen kjære Sissel;-)
Klem fra Gunnar

Anonymous said...

I am a great fan from Boston. I first saw you on PBS Northern lights and knew that I would enjoy your music and rich voice for years to come, You also have a commanding presence. Big fan Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,good to be able to get in touch again.Have had problem with blog,but Ithink its ok now.You are looking great and relaxed.hope you are enjoying the
Spring;Ihave got my ticket for your concert with Bryn Terfel in beautiful Bergen,will arrive on 31st May unable to get a ticket for your concert in Edvard Griegs home,but am looking forward to seeing you on 2th June.God willing.
Best Wishes,Liam Wilson;

katbert said...

Dear Sissel,

You must be an angel sent from the heaven. Besides some opera singers, I only listen to your singing. Other female singers seem to be so mediocre when they are compared with you. And, the most amazing thing is that you still keep improving your technique. I wish you can come to USA again.

Ivo said...

i agree sissel, come to croatia (more precisely, pula in the summertime)! we will embrace you with open arms!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisel, just heard your duet with Peter Jöback, song was Gå inte förbi, I really liked your song, and even though I don't speak Norwegian or Swedish, I liked the sound of the song.

Thank you


Gagi said...

Dear Sissel i was wondering if you have ever been to Serbia and will you ever have concert in Serbia???

Anonymous said...

Sissel ,Just saw your schedule for the end of the year,Im so disapointed that you are not having any concerts in November 2009 any where in Europe .. i will be there most of November, my girl Friend from the UK wanted to see you in concert very much she has never had that pleasure ..I will visit copenhagen any way so i might see your beautiful Northern Lights.. Love ,your fan Mary

Leeny said...

Dearest Sissel, I saw a very excellent performance of Greig's "Last Spring" sung by YOU on youtube. Wow. You are awesome in this video. For those of us who cannot make it to Norway, it is a way to celebrate his/your beautiful music and talents. Maybe someone reading this would like to watch it too. Did I mention that you are awesome in this video.
I hope all is well with you. I'm worried that you have gone for another swim. :) Take care. Leeny

Anonymous said...

Hello Sissel,
Thinking of you as I listen to you singing some of my favorites, Solitare, Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, and Weightless. Your voice is the best I've ever heard and brings feelings of great emotion throughout my entire being.

May Mother's Day, Sunday, be special for you filled with love, happiness, and joy. Love, Ken

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! A most joyous Syttende Mai for you and all Norwegians on Sunday May 17th. Elvedalen Lodge 129 of Sons of Norway of which I'm a member are meeting Saturday (last meeting before fall) to celebrate and eat much delicious Scandinavian food. My contribution is smoked Norwegian Salmon & lefse. My Norway flag is up and waving proudly at my home.

I know your concerts in Bergen will be the best ever and I'll miss them and you singing dearly. Love, Ken in the Idaho Mountains

Alberto Zamora Escobar said...

Hola, Sissel. Soy un venezolano que recibió de un cercano amigo noruego (Andreas Holt) un CD con tus canciones. No te imaginas lo maravillado que quedé al oirlas: hay tanta dulzura y calidez en ellas que nos permite transportarnos a esa hermosa y lejana tierra. Dios te guarde tu bella voz. Alberto Zamora Escobar

erasmusthewise said...

Dear Sissel
I hope the preparations for your concerts are going well. I saw a clip of one of the songs you are working on with Bryn (Scarborough Fair) and it sounded very promising. It looks like you work very well together!
Do you have further details of your Latvian concert? Will this be a full concert from you or just a few songs?
Keep smiling!

Christy said...

Dear Sissel,
Your music, which you sing so beautifully, means so much to me. I loved it the first time I heard you sing. How you find such meaningful songs to sing, you truly are an Angel. They’re so close to my heart - a friend.
I hope you stay strong always, and have fun at your upcoming concerts!
Your fan always from across the sea.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

a few minutes ago we arrived at our hotel room after we had visited your unforgettable concert at Troldhaugen. This wonderful music - from Grieg to Norwegian and other Scandinavian traditionals -, your brilliant interpretations, Geir on guitar and Trygve on piano and - not to forget - the unique atmosphere in Edvard Grieg's villa made this concert a memory for life. In the next next days I will write a longer concert review, but at the moment, I'm on "cloud nine" - maybe I will remain there for a while. Helga and I will also visit the concert tomorrow and the concert on Tuesday at Nygardsparken.

All the very best and tusen takk, Sissel!