Monday, June 1, 2009

Bergen Music Festival

Hello dear friends, 

just want to share with you the view from my room.......   

Today we , Bryn , the conductor Gareth and myself will have a short piano rehearsal before the big day tomorrow. Nice to have a relaxing day today. 
The sun is shining, and the forecast for tomorrow is still nice.  The park will be such a wonderful venue for this classical/cross over concert! For me it is such a treat to sing with Bryn and work with so wonderful and gifted people! And I am so much looking forward to hear the young Finnish pianist Joho Pojonen, playing Grieg's Piano Concerto. 
This is just : Wonderful! Fantastic! 
I must have the best job in the world! 
......Well, for me anyway..

Take care!




heroineworshipper said...

Wow! It's more beautiful than Goog Earth in the sunlight.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sissel , what you have may a job to you ,but to your fans its a gift of love from god , sent by you.. You have such a wonderful out look on life ,and are the most genuine person ..I love your Music so much ,you are unique talent ...
love Mary

Ivo said...


WOW!!!!! What beauty!!!! Bergen is something else, man... You guys should export your beauty!!! :-D I don't if things work that way ;-D

The concert with Bryn Terfel is bound to be spectacular, he is simply awesome. He rocks at opera and he rocks at crossover and he rocks at pop, the man is simply awesome. You two are bound to make a sublime musical ensemble. Please tell me someone is recording this concert Sissel? I'm sure many of your (and Bryn's) fans would love to get their hands on a DVD of the concert... If no one is, you should rest your own personal camera somewhere on stage, Sissel, and upload it onto YouTube yourself!!!! haha :-D

anyways, best of success to you! don't forget about your fans abroad! take care! :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

after a fantastic 4-days visit in your beautiful hometown Bergen we had returned to our home in Germany yesterday. So many, many impressions - it will take a while to "get down" again! I had not been to Bergen since 33 years, but we are sure, that it won't take another 33 years until our next visit. On Wednesday morning we were lucky to meet Bryn at the airport - like you he is absolutely "down to earth". Thank you so much for the wonderful concert in Nygardsparken. And I will keep the memory of the two evenings at Troldhaugen forever in my heart. This was really something special!
We will come to your concert in Dalhalla the 11th of July and will also spend our summer holidays nearby this place (in Venjan).

All the very best from my wife Helga and me!


walui said...

That wonderful vision..! Bergen in the spring! For our happiness, you like his "job", and I wait that you if it feels like this for a long time...! Tks for reminding of us, their fans followers of hisblog. God blesses you forever.Walter (Brazil)

liam wilson said...

Hi Sissel,First Iwish to thank you so much for taking time to meet after your beautiful concert with Bryn on Tuesday,it was a magical evening,and as always you were wonderful.It was a real special evening for me,and Im sure all your fans.I realy enjoyed my stay in beautiful Bergen,its only my second visit their.Good luck with rest of tour.Stay healthy and be happy.Thanks again for a wonderful
concert.Best Wishes,
Liam Wilson,

Anonymous said...

Kjære Sissel.
Jeg ble fullstendig trollbundet. Både ute og inne, av de sangene jeg har hørt med deg før, og de nye.
Jeg savner deg.


Jose Carlos said...


Today my relatives came to my home in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
They told me about a singer called sissin, sinel, senali... or something like that.
I tryed to find in the google... and I discovery SISSEL.
I saw your website, listened your voice and... I fall in love!
I tried to buy your CD Gift of Love but I don´t find in brasilian sites, just in .
My daughter lives in NY, EUA, I asked her to buy it but... I can't wait. I would like to invite you... come to Brazil! I prepar every thing to you... place to stay (my flat, of course!), auditorium for your shows, tv interviews and a lot of very nice trips in Brazil.
Really, I am very excited with your music... and you face... uau! unforgetable sweet face! Please... come to Brazil! xxxxx José Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

John Barry said...

Wow what a picturesque landscape.How nice to live in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Your music gives great joy to many millions. You are my favourite singer.
God Bless,

Gius said...

Bergen looks lovely..Cheers!

Allison said...

Sissel, as a big time American Fan, I'd love if you can help get your new recordings with Odd available in the United States. I've tried preordering it and they don't ship to the states. Though I don't speak the language, the music is beautiful and still speaks to the hearts of Americans. Please help us to have a way to purchase this beautiful harmonious music. Thanks, Allison