Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Hello again friends!

Happy Valentines Day! 
On this Day of Hearts the sun is shining into my room and it is so good to think about all the wonderful moments that I have been given on this Tour. And there is more to come! I know!

Had  a really nice time last night here in Hartford and  we have a new concert here tonight. :-)
I have tried to put some photo up on this blog, but the internet is a bit slow here at the hotel so I have to wait till we get to another place.

I hope that you have someone to send some heartfelt and good thoughts to today. I'll send to my dear family and friends back home.
Have a wonderful Valentines Day!


By the way, one of my favorite songs is actually 'My funny Valentine'. In 2 versions: One with the jazz singer Radka Toneff , and the other one with Chet Baker . Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

(SISSEL wrote: "I hope that you have someone to send some heartfelt and good thoughts to today.")

So here's to you Dear Sissel :o)

I will never in my live forget RÄTTVIK and DALHALLA in Juli 2005, when I had the chance to here your SOUNDCHECK in wonderful Dalhalla, where I sit in the first Concert-Line "allone" some 2 or 4 people behind me in the whole arena... I wanted to be near the stage to listen to the young girls chour who sing so well... THAN: YOU came out and sang one song "and it feels like, you sing this for ME allone!?" :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) WOW!!! It was such a wonderful feeling, that silently some tears run through my eyes while you are singing, JUST FOR ME... :o)

I'm sooooo happy that some hours before I had the chance in our hotel, to tell you, HOW I LOVE YOUR VOICE... :o)

Have a wonderfull VALENTINES DAY Dear Sissel...

BIG HUG from Germany Wolly :o)

your fan said...

Dear Sissel,
I am an educator and do lots of trainings to large audiences. I now play your music from my computer before I begin, during breaks, and at lunch break. I have had SO many come up and say, "Who is singing that beautiful music, with that spectacular voice?" I have opened their hearts with your voice. They tell me they are swamping to music stores to find your music.
Have a Happy Valentines Day! You are loved by so many.
One of your most devoted fans...
Dr. Barb.

Anonymous said...

Sissel, I wanted to thank you on two accounts. First, I was one of the lucky ones who was able to attend your concert in Salt Lake City and your music is incredibly uplifting. Since your concert I've been able to see the beauty of winter instead of the gray bleakness that starts getting to me this time of year. Second, when you said you hope I have someone to send some heartfelt, good thoughts to today I decided to get your CD and I played "Sarah's Song" for my mom for a Valentine's gift. Of all your songs that one touches me the most and it brought my mom to tears :) Thanks for giving us that moment. Good luck on the remainder of your tour! Happy Valentines Day.

Ivo said...

happy valentines day sissel!!! i hope someone special made this day enjoyable for you!

your voice, kindness, and grace makes all our hearts melt! thank you so much for your contribution to the arts!!!!


Anonymous said...

Best wishes from a friend in SCL for your fantastic concert.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful concert in SLC. Your voice, stage presence and just you as a person are so fantastic. I went to both signings and just to be in your presence was more special than I can explain. A person should do whatever they have to do to get to hear you, and, if possible, to met you in person. I have never known anyone more filled with love, joy, kindness, generosity and spirituality. When I talked to Ken Verdoia today at KUED TV you should have heard all of the wonderful things that he had to say about you. All the people at KUED felt the same way. Thank you for sharing your great talent with so many people. Tell your band how great they were, but also your arranger and keyboard player, Kjetil Bjerkestrand. I had hoped to see him at Barnes and Noble to tell him in person. Please come back soon. It was so hard to see you walk off the stage for the last time last Sat. night. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Sissel ,Its so nice to see that you enjoy the U.S as much as we enjoy you..I have been one of your greatest fans since your last concert in Kansas City ,I fell in love with that beautiful voice the first time i heard it ,the way your musicians play the melodies add to your perfect voice ... Im looking foreward to seeing you in Kansas city in April 08..It will fullfill my greatest joy to meet you in person .. Thank you for the joy you give thru your music ... Your Fan... Mary