Friday, February 15, 2008

Bustrip to Red Banks

Hello friends!

Well, we have now made it to Red Banks after our bus trip from Hartford took some time after a forced stop right at the New Jersey turnpike. Our bus made a very persistent high sound (alarm) that something needed to be changed. So we waited a while for the 'thing' , and wished that the turnpikes had a kind of catering/ coffee/ donut/sandwich cafĂ© attached to it, for 'stranded' busses like ours. It was a nice ride though. We watched Alison Kreuss and Union Station  live from a concert on dvd. Wow, that was so good! Brilliant voices and musicians. So fun to watch and listen to, and there is always something to learn! Some of it made me speechless.
Now we are happily at the hotel and I am so relieved that we have no concert tonight. That would have been a bit tight once again! Have a wonderful evening all of you! We will find something to eat now.
;-) S


Anonymous said...

Your recent concerts have not been near my locality, but I was fortunate anyway. This last December the local PBS station televised both Northern Lights and the Christmas program performed in Salt Lake City. As a result of that introduction, I've listened to and enjoyed everything you've recorded on CD since 1989 and watched all three DVDs that are available in the USA. I love each DVD for different reasons! Hurray for variety!

Your beautiful voice and graciousness combined with the superb musical skills of those on stage with you, add up to a grand entertainment experience. In your music I've heard a rainbow of human emotions portrayed: tenderness and love, beauty and wonder, hope and inspiration, joy and exhilaration, and just plain foot-stomping fun!!! Occasionally the more somber or tragic side of life is dealt with also, but in an uplifting manner. Everything at all times is done in good taste. We love you all!!!

May your long journey home be safe and "all good things" continue to come your way.

- Jeanne -

Sean said...

Hi Sissle,

Sorry we missed you in NYC back in Dec. Jennifer and I can't wait to see you perform at the Keswick tomorrow night. I surprised Jen with tickets on Valentines Day. She is so excited.

P.S. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

Anony who? said...

Dearest Sissel, Thank you for blogging. It is fun to see and hear how life on the road is. I bet that bus driver was a little stressed out with the whole broken bus on the turn pike thing. I'm glad it turned out okay.
We loved your concert so much that we decided to get the 'Northern Lights' DVD to watch over and over. ('The Spirit of The Season' and 'All Good Things' DVD's are great.)
My husband was working out of town this Valentine's Day so I put on Sarah's Song and danced with my 3 year old daughter. She humors me and lets me hold her and spin. Her favorite part of the song is 'tickle my chin'. ;-) Cutie. That song always makes me want to dance with her. She thinks your home is the Conference Center in SLC. Don't you love kids innocence?
Have a great concert at Red Banks. They'll love your band and you have the most beautiful voice ever. A friend.

your fan said...

Dear Sissel,
Yikes! That was NOT fun! Yes, you would think in America they would have cafes along the way for stranded motorists! Ha.
I hope your concert tonight is so beautiful...just like all the others. I am sad you will be leaving us tomorrow, but I'm sure you are anxious to get home to see your family. Will you continue to blog when you get home? I hope so as I love this.
I will always follow your music and your amazing presence. Thank you again for all the ways you have opened my heart and deeply enriched my life.
A most devoted fan.

Christine said...

Dear Sissel,

I am so sorry to hear you had another traveling delay. I hope everything will go well from now on.... You seem to be taking these events with a great sense of humor. In fact, why worry about something you cannot do anything about! But still....

Your concert in Hartford was pure JOY. It will carry us through hard times of life as a beacon of light. You are bringing hope and happiness and beauty.

I enjoyed particularly "Your Sky", which is my favorite song from the last album. And your violinist was absolutely superb!

I meant to say in my earlier (and clumsily tired) comment that each one of your concert is a spiritual experience, which opens up doors to nature, beauty and heaven. And for this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you for welcoming your fans after the show.

Thank you for everything you do.

Take care of yourself and have a safe trip back home to your family!

Love from Rebecca, Cassandra and Christine.

Anonymous said...

Well that's interesting that you like AKUS. It makes total sense that my favorite singer in Europe listens to my favorite singer in North America. Send them a CD or the video of Marry Me and I bet they'll invite you to join them at the Grand Ole Opry. You go, girl!

carman said...

hi again my angel :-D

I love your music and also enjoy Alison Kreuss`s songs. So wish one day maybe you two girls can sing together :-)