Saturday, February 16, 2008

Red Bank

Hello friends,

just done with the concert here in Red Bank, Count Basie Theatre. A great evening! That theatre will look great after this summers renovation! It will look fantastic! Hope to come back one day! It is so wonderful that there is people out there that have the guts and knowledge of how to take care of these historical and beautiful buildings. It is so important to take care of and have respect for our history.
Now we sit here and relax and the pizzas are ordered. I'll send you a picture of my beloved sound designer Asle, that has traveled with me for over 14 years. He is as nice as he looks! 
Have a good night! ;-) S


your fan said...

Dear Sissel,
I presume you and your fellow wonderful musicians are on your way home now- back to your beautiful Scandavania. I hope you loved your tour in the US (as I am sure everyone loved you!) and will be back soon to us. I know you are planning on returning next December. I hope you come sooner as well.
I am listening to your music now. My next trip- to Bergen Norway. I want to see the environment which helped produce such an angel from heaven.
My best to you always. I hope you continue this blog.
Your devoted fan.

susan said...


I was there last night - in the 2nd row with my friend! We loved the concert. Both you and your musicians have such a wonderful command and expertise with your instruments! You're all great!

We were wondering whether any of your band are brothers- some seem to have similar features!

Thanks so much for the performance - we are looking forward to your return trip to NJ - maybe even to NJPAC (NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark!)

Safe home!!

Anonymous said...

Sunday Keswick:
Those words don't come close!
How about ....
"F A N T A S T I C "

Please come back again!
To the New World..
You have a few more season to do!!

To your whole family : Have a safe trip home!