Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On my way home

Hello dear friends,

I'm now on my way home....It will be a long trip this time. We all arrived Amsterdam here at 5 am this morning, but my flight has been cancelled ( after waiting a while),  so here I sit and have to wait till 3.10 pm. 
We had a great last concert and the meet and greet afterwards was also very nice. The picture is from back stage right before the last concert in Keswick Thatre. Fredrik, backline, and I found some hats and became a bit strange...
I have now said goodbye to my family on the road and I'm now soon with my family back home. I  miss them very much when I travel.  A saying we have in Norway: Borte bra , men hjemme best. I guess that will be something like : Nice to be away, but the best is still home. I know there is an English saying for that as well, but too jet-lag to think of that now. 
Have wonderful day! ;-) Sissel


Christine said...

Dear Sissel,

It is very hard to be away from your children and family. It is often the case for me and I never get used to it!

Sorry to hear you had another traveling delay... but it seems to have been an underlying melody to this trip. I could be a funny song "Another delay"!!!

I think your openess about your life on the road is great. It allows us to understand completely what your life is. This blog is a very good idea and I hope you will continue to share parts of your life with us after this trip.

Soon you will be back in the marvelous land of Norway and find new inspiration for your heavenly singing.

I wish you all happiness and joy.
Stay healthy and take care of yourself.


your fan said...

Dear Sissel,
Thank you so much for all you have given to us. I have absolutely loved your blog and hope that you will continue it with us when you have a chance. It means so much.
Travel is hard...delays, delays.
I listen to your music everyday and hear new notes and nuances each day. You are so spectacular in so many ways.
You have helped me love deeply and freely. You have given us all some of your gifts.
My best to you always...
A devoted fan.

C.C. said...

We attended your performance at the Keswick Theatre on Sunday 17 February. Thank you so much for transporting us with your beautiful voice. We've had the good fortune to see the northern lights in Finland and you took us back there. I'll never forget your concert! --Caroline

Alli B said...

I’m sorry you had so many traveling complications. It's good to know that others experience a little hic-up along the way. When I was in Africa our bus broke down twice. At first I was frustrated, yet when the people from a small village came out to greet us and we connected through song and dance, I found it to be a surprising gift. Sounds like you and your crew made the most of it too.

I would be so fascinated if sometime you would share the process you go through determining which songs you sing. I've heard you mention that you have to really connect with the song to perform it. Are you constantly listening and looking for songs? Do you have others that look and listen too? Do fans ever suggest songs for you to sing? I'm curious how it all transpires.

You mentioned Alison Krauss. She is one of my favorites. Have you listened to her latest with Robert Plant? I really like that album. She sings a song on it that reminds me of some of your songs. It’s Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us. It’s a very unique sound and fun too. Thanks for taking the time to share. We loved you in Utah and hope you enjoy returning to your family and friends!


Anonymous said...

Hei Sissel: Glad to hear you got home safely.
Attended your concert at the Keswick (my third Sissel Concert) THANK YOU for a magnificant concert. Hope you return to the USA with another concert and that you perform in the Philadelphia area again soon.