Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day off

Hello my dear friends,

We had a good relaxing day in Boston yesterday. Day off means laundry and catching up on the lack of sleep and doing nothing. Well, a visit to the gym is good too. .  ;-) 
We are so lucky to have one more day off, traveling to Hartford. That is only like a few chapters of a book to read, and then we are there! Looking forward to the 2 concerts in Hartford. 
I am so glad that you who have been to my concerts mention my musicians. They are really good! And so wonderful to work with. We are a team, or should I say, like a family on the road. 
;-) Sissel


eamelis3 said...


Hope you ran some stairs too:) My friend Elizabeth loved the Boston show, and had great things to say about the whole "team."

Keep it up!
Melissa from Omaha

your fan said...

Dear Sissel,
Yes, I loved your musicians, too. They are wonderful and make such beautiful music with you.
It must be so nice to have a supportive family on the road.
A day off, sleep, working out, doing nothing, reading...a day to nurture your tender souls.
I have come alive by your music. It touches me deeply. Bless you, you talented angel.

Anonymous said...


I saw you in frostroses at christmas and really loved your voice. Is there any chance you could cross the Baltic and come to Finland for a concert?

Anna, Oulu, Finland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel :-)
Here's a bunch of thoughtflowers to you and your team. The most unique and wonderful precious roses in the hole wide world. Fits perfect into your doings on stage.
I hope you like'em ;-) ..?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

Your music has reached deep inside of me, like none other. Then tonight I got to meet you with my daughter, Susan, my Sarah! You told me Sarah is eight, and I thought I read somewhere that you have two children. How on earth do you do all you do? God reward you for sharing your incredible talent with the world!
Bless you,