Monday, February 11, 2008


Hello again my dear friends,

the last days have just been so busy. A lot of traveling and the expression 'early birds' also fits in on our group. Well the last one maybe a bit forced, though... . The concerts in Minneapolis , Salt Lake City and here in Boston have been great and uplifting. We have had a wonderful time. It was wonderful to see my friends in Salt Lake again. I must say that our traveling schedule has been some challenging. Yesterday our trip to Boston took us 11 hours , and just made it to the concert. We landed about 1 h before we were supposed to start the concert with all our gear!  That could never had gone so smoothly if it hadn't been for my great team! We all wanted to make it! So only 15 min delay!  The photos  that you see from 'on the road' ,is taken at 4 am (me and the Big Hummer in Salt Lake City) and 7 am (checking in Minneapolis)). Just imagine, it is not fun to stand in the line behind us when checking in 25 pieces of luggage and most of them are overweight.
It takes about an hour..... 
But it comes good music out from it!  :-) 

I have read the blogs that you have written to me, and I must say that it is so nice to hear from you all! Christine, I do remember the yellow teddy bear from Rebecca, I still have it! And congratulations on your Birthday Rebecca! See you in Hartford!   And all of you others who have been to my concerts and are planning to come one day. Thank you so much! 
;-) S


Anonymous said...

I am at a loss for words... At the Salt Lake concert, you held us in the palm of your hand, and we would have followed you anywhere. "Magnificent" doesn't even begin to describe your effect on us. As you could tell by the resounding (and continuous) response, we didn't want you to stop and we didn't want you to leave.

You mentioned that you now feel Salt Lake is your "home turf"... please come home again soon! We wait with open arms.


laura s. said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful and uplifting concert here in Salt Lake City. I was introduced to your heavenly voice through my mother, who is in the Tabernacle Choir. My husband surprised me with tickets to your concert as an early birthday present. It was such a fabulous show and made for a very memorable birthday celebration. As an expectant mother 'Sarah's Song' was particularly touching and inspires me to be the best mother I can be to my children. Again, thank you for sharing your talents with the world and especially with us here in Salt Lake City.

Ivo said...

hi sissel!

i see you are enjoying the perks of the US entertainment industry; that Hummer is so authentically American! haha :-D

hugs and kisses from SF!!!

Stenar said...

Det var jo koselig å ha deg tilbake i Salt Lake City. Vi var veldig glad i musikken du laget til oss.

Håper du har det fremdeles bra med resten av turen.

Vennlig hilsen,
Robert og Shawn

lotsajam said...

Hello Sissel
It was just wonderful to see you in Salt Lake. I just love you. You have the most crystal clear voice. You are also such a nice person. I can not tell you how great it was to hear you sing Vitae Lux. I just love that song and I don't know what about it makes my heart sing. You sound and look great. I loved all the other songs as well. The concert went by so fast.Good luck on the rest of your tour. Hope to see you again soon. Peg

Akira said...

Hi Sissel,
Since 2004, we (my wife Alice and I) have been your fan when we hear you first time singing “One Day”.
We loved your beautiful voice; among all classic crossover singers in this world you are unique. Your voice brings us deep spiritual peace.

Now we are very happy to see you in your blog sharing your activities, comments and feelings.
It must be very hard traveling far from your home. Take care with your health.
I sure your tour will be a very successful as always.
Very far from your tour, here in Brazil, where we live, unfortunately there is no official release of your CD or DVD. (Only one CD was released, My Heart)
But we already have (import) all your three DVDs. “Northern Lights” is beautiful, beautiful songs with beautiful voice, perfect. Our last X’mas was very special with Mormon and you.
We are very thankful for this opportunity to contact you in this blog.
Our best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel, thank you for sharing this blog and your wonderful music. You are simply the best. Good luck to you and your crew during the tour.
Take care.

A friend said...

Wow Sissel, that does sound like a lot of craziness to get to your concert in Boston, stressful!!:-0
You sounded perfect in Salt Lake, like an angel. I'm totally sold on Norwegien nature now. Thanks for your comments about some of the songs--I could see in my mind the snowflakes tumbling down, the northern lights dancing, and the majestic snow covered mountains. (I get to see them all winter.) Lucky! As much as I love the snow, when you mentioned "time for spring" I was very relieved and happy. :)
What a wonderful concert! Time flew by much too fast. Your band was great! I think that the bass player looks a bit like Keifer Sutherland, Hollywood hottie. Also I enjoyed your violin players personality, Cutie.
Meeting you after the show was the best. What a warm, genuine smile and friendly personality you have. I think you are very special. Come back to Utah and sing to us again soon. We love you here. You could easily do back to back shows and have sell outs. Thank you for sharing your time and talents.
Travel safely. Leeny

your fan said...

Dear Sissel,
I have a friend who saw your concert in Boston! She emailed to say how fabulous it was. She loves you and your music as much as I do.
Your schedule sounds so hectic and it must have been stressful to be running late! I'm glad you had only a 15 min. delay.
It must have been great fun for you to be back in Salt Lake City and see your wonderful Mormon Tabernacle colleagues and friends. I know they love you.
I am so thrilled you have this blog so I can write to you.
You are such an inspiration to me.
My best to you always,

Rita said...

Hi Sissel :)

I saw your concert in Boston on Sunday night and it was just incredible - there aren't any words to describe how much I enjoyed your performance! I felt like I was really there, in Norway, seeing the mountains and the Northern Lights, just as you were describing them. Your singing transported me to a wonderful place - your voice is so powerful, and at times sweet, at times bold - I felt such a wide range of emotions. It was fantastic! You touched my heart and soul and made me feel so alive! One of your lullabies moved me to tears. I also very much enjoyed your team of musicians - especially your violinist. I love violin, and he played beautifully! I wished that the concert could have gone on and on. . .

The first time I saw you in concert was in 1996 in Riga, Latvia - you sang at an opera festival in summer in Sigulda. You sang one of our most beloved folk songs - Put Vejini - I fell in love with your beautiful voice back then and have been listening to you ever since.

Thank you so much for sharing your voice with me and with the world. Thank you for coming to Boston!! Best wishes to you and please, please come back to Boston!

Rita :)

Walter said...

Hi Sissel, Thank you for adding the second show in Hartford, CT. My wife and I will be in the third row on Wed. Feb. 13 to experience your beautiful voice live(a wonderful way to celebrate our love on Valentine's Day). I especially enjoy your vocal interpretations of classical themes. My favorites include Lascia Ch'io Pianga, O Mio Babbino Caro and You Raise Me Up. How lucky we are to get tickets to your show. Enjoy your tour in the US.

Walter & Geri

Wolly said...

Hello SISSEL my dear :o) from GERMANY,

it's so nice to read from you IN PERSON! :o) That's nearly like being with you in the USA! ;o) Wonderfull Photos and your stories... I wish my wife and I "ONE DAY" have another chance to hear you LIVE, or maybe to MEET you bacuase we're in the same HOTEL, just like in TÄLLBERG in 2005! When I have had "THE-ONE-TIME-IN-MY-LIFE-CHANCE!?" to talk a little to you and your musical-direktor, who takes a MEMORY-PHPTPGRAPH from YOU&ME in the hotel-lounge... :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)


Have a very,very nice and succesfull time in the states...

But don't forget to visit your German Fans sometimes and also the Netherlands... :o)

ALL THE BEST FROM WOLLY :o) "maybe your biggest fan in Germany!?" ;o)

we'll meet again.............

Anonymous said...


We loved you in Boston! You were magnificent!

I'm sorry you had trouble getting in. I hope you were able to take some time after the concert to catch your breath and see our city.

"Like An Angel Passing Through" is so hauntingly beautiful. All your songs were wonderful. Please come to Boston again.

Can you tell us, is there any special significance to the black necklace you wear?