Friday, February 8, 2008


Hello again,

so nice to hear from you! Yes, we did have a great time in Chicago last evening! It was a wonderful start of the tour. I'm now at my hotel room here in Minneapolis.Trying to relax and get rid of the jet-lag and writing to you, as you can see from the picture. I have been told it is a great Scandinavian community here so maybe there will be some at the concert? Soon we will head off for rehearsal/ sound check and then.....a new concert! :-) ! I really love this concert and can't wait to do it one more time! Many times! We have so much fun together on stage. I also feel so lucky to have so gifted and wonderful musicians with me on stage! I'll try to get a picture from stage next time I write to you. Untill then and as always, have a wonderful life!  ;-) Sissel 


Relax said...

dear sissel

thanks for the update. Glad to know that you are having a good time :-)

take care ^_^

phil said...

Phil M in chicago last night was just amazing. You and your show were fantastic. My wife and I were listening to the Northern Lights CD while we were driving to the show. everything sounded just the same. your voice is perfect. Your presentce on the stage was breathtaking that comment is from my wife, Sally. thank you for a perfect night

Christine said...

Hello Sissel,

It is so nice to hear from you again. Your blog is a wonderful idea, since most of us do not have any idea of what the life of an artist such as you is on tour. I imagine it must be quite stressful to be in a new city every day! But also very exciting to discover new places.

I will come and see you again in Hartford next week with tickets for the guest greetings after the show. I am so excited I cannot wait. We saw you last year in New York City at Town Hall. I was the woman who greeted you last year with my daughters, Rebecca 9 years old and Cassandra 13 years old. Rebecca gave you a little yellow teddy bear. Remember?
Rebecca is a big fan of yours. Her birthday was four days ago. She turned 10 years old and the tickets for your show in Hartford is her birthday present!

I am a teacher. I used to do biomedical research in neuroscience and I became a teacher for high school, because I believe I have to share my knowledge with students and train them to be scientists. So I teach biology to students and train them in research.

I am also involved in the music program in my school. You should see how talented our students are. We have a treble chorus at the school who won the best chorus award for New York, Connecticut and New Jersey combined. You should come one day and hear them and sing with them!

I am looking forward to hear more about your tour and how things are going. I hope you will continue to write in your blog when you are back in Norway!

Rebecca wants to visit Norway and Bergen. I went there in 1992 and Bergen is such a wonderful place! It is so pretty. We hiked all around the town and took the cable car up the mountain.

See you next Wednesday!
And thank you again for sharing your talent and gift of singing with us.

Christine Rogers

A friend said...

Hi Sissel,
Hope you are getting over the jet lag/time zone thing. You've set a busy schedule for yourself. ;-)Maybe you sould talk to somebody about that.
You are so talented and personable-the audiences will be begging for more. Best of luck on your tour and travel safely.
40 something

QuietdanMN said...

I attended your performance tonight in Minneapolis, and completely loved it! You have a new fan here.

You have an amazing gift that you are sharing with us, and it was a privilege to hear you in person. Your band is an excellent group of musicians also.

Tonight as I was leaving the Pantages Theater on the way back to my car, there was a little snow in the air. How perfect!

Such a wonderful night. I hope that your tour goes well and that you have a safe journey!

Ken said...

Hi sissel, I'm very very happy to see your blog and to send you my messages! I'm sorry I can't go and enjoy your tour. But, as one of your fans in Japan, I expect you will spend your great time.

Good luck to you!


Alli said...

Good luck tonight in Salt Lake. We're so excited to have you come west and sing for us. I wish you could stay in enjoy the mountains here, I know you would love them. Come back in the Summer and spend sometime hiking the mountains both near Salt Lake and down in Southern, Utah. Both very different. I hope you enjoy the evening too!

liam wilson said...

Hi Sissel,
Great to see you are enjoying tour in U.S.Knew you would be a big success.Will be at your concert in Ullensaker on June 14th,God willing.Looking forward to seeing you again.Meantime take care and keep safe.Best wishes,
Liam Wilson,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,Great to see you are enjoying your tour in The U.S.Always knew you would be big success their.Will be at your concert in Ullensaker on June14th,God willing,meantime Take Care and keep well.Best wishes
Liam Wilson

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful of you to offer your fans this opportunity to contact you.

Welcome to the USA! You are like a breath of crisp, fresh air! This past holiday season has given me the great pleasure of sharing your wonderful music with my friends and relatives. We all agree that you are indeed a very unique Lady with many blessings: a beautiful singing voice and captivating stage presence, a joy in her heart that is contagious, a tender openess in the songs that she writes and in the words that she speaks, and a marvelous smile (please don't hide it!).

To that list of attributes I will add one more precious trait: you seem to possess a strong spiritual center that was apparently forged by a healthy family life when you were growing up in-and-around those mountains and fiords of Bergen, Norway. Don't ever let go of that authentic, inner compass or forget what constitutes true happiness and well-being. We all love you dearly and wish you great success with your musical career in the USA, but be careful of the celebrity culture here with its seductive temptations and ruinous excesses. When "your name" is in the news, may it be about "all good things" that have come to Sissel.

Please try to take good care of your health while you are entertaining us, and may all your travels be safe.

Thank you again for the musical gifts you have brought us and this opportunity to leave my comments.

- Jeanne -

T&S said...

T&S says God dag!
Saw your show in Minneapolis. It was a very refreshing performance. 80 percent of the audience have their roots in Norway and I'm sure after your performance the other 20 percent wish they did. Please come to Minnesota again. You are always welcome to our state.

Mel MacSmiley said...

Hello Sissel,

Next time you're in the MN neighborhood, please drop in on us in South Dakota, too! There are lots of Scandinavian descendants in this area, as well. They are all very much taller than I am (a transplant from Long Island, NY).

Your voice is a gift from God, and I am happy that you so generously share it with the world!