Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Hello again friends!

Landed well in Chicago after a very, very early wake up in Oslo and long travel! Oslo feels like a long time ago! Here it is .... winter!:o) So nice! Tonight there is time for rest , preparation  and getting used to the new time zone. Zzzzzz...zee you!
;-) S


Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel, thanks for creating and posting to this blog... looking forward to hear about your tour, wish you GOOD LUCK!!!
Found this on youtube (Little Mermaid meets Titanic). Funny the creator didn't know you were the voice of Ariel ;-)

Have fun, Mia

Nils Henriksen said...

Good luck, Sissel - I hope your tour will be successful.

It is a mystery to me why artists like Celine Dion are "bigger" than you. In my opinion you have the best female voice in the world!

Utah said...

Sissel it's great to have you here in the USA. I love the blog. Its a great way to keep in touch and let us know how it's going for you. I especially enjoyed the photo from Chicago..looks cold!:-) Your concert will warm it up. Best of luck tonight. See you soon, Yeah!

Michaline Siera said...

Sissel, tonight you graced Chicago with your joy and light and love, and we were blessed by your too brief presence. It was a privilege to have you with us. Know that we welcomed you with open hearts and were greatly moved by your songs and soul. For me, you are a conduit to Christ and for your superlative service to Beauty Himself, I thank you deeply, reverently and with love. Peace and kind wishes to you, your bandmates and family.

gggrowly said...

Just bak from your show. So Awesome. Park West Sissel great combination. If you come anywhere near Chicago on the rest of the tour My Friends and I will be there.

It is unbelievable that you are not so much bigger in the USA. Your Talent is unique. Your show is special. And You are Superb

uq46 said...

Best Wishes for a GREAT Tour!

Looking forward to hearing and seeing you at Glenside PA.

Love your Blog... :-)



Ivo said...

hi sissel!

is Chicago colder than bergen? haha :-D! here in northern California, we have to put on a scarf about three times a year, and I do it just to be chic, not to actually keep my neck warm, haha! but Chicago looks extremely cold!

i read comments from your shows and they are all very positive!!! keep it up!!!! we all love you and wish you the best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sissel,
Glad to hear your concerts are going well and that you are having a fun time. Last night I listened to and watched the Grammy's. Your voice and music would put them all to shame in my opinion. I first heard you sing on PBS and was "captured" from that moment. Attended your Minot Concert time before last and was so inspired by your singing. Please come to the Pacific Northwest like at Spokane or even Seattle sometime soon. I would love to meet you. Love, Ken (another mountain lover)