Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello again!

Sitting here in my kitchen rehearsing the song for my tour. Tomorrow I will have the first rehearsal with the band. I am really looking forward to sing with these great musicians again!
There are three new in the band from last tour. Kjetil Stensnes, Børge Pettersen and Unni Wilhelmsen. Gifted guitarplayers and Unni has a great voice as well. She has her own solo career and has just finished her tour i Norway. Check her out on google and you tube! Sending you a pic from our rehearsal some day....
Take care ! ;-)



Anonymous said...

Hi sissel thankyou for your message it is so lovely to read about what you are doing .... i do so hope your tour goes well looking forward to seeing some pictures and hearing your new CD .... take care ... Carole from england .....

Anonymous said...

Hi again Sissel,Good luck with first rehearsal tomorrow.I heard new single and love it.Am realy looking forward to concert,it will be great to be in Stavanger once again,hope weather is better than it is in Ireland right now we are expecting hurricane at weekend,but Iwill be warm inside listening to your music.
God Bless and see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hei, dette høres både spennende og lovende ut Sissel. Er bare smil her nå:-) Gleder meg skikkelig!
1. uke til startskuddet går og vi
håper du får en fantastisk fin tid fremover.

Hilsen ...,eh nei, en klem til,

Hilsen Gunnar

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel
It made me smile thinking of you rehearsing in your kitchen! For some reason the image of Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, magically doing the household chores while singing came to mind!
I’m hoping to see you in one of your concerts next year and I’ve put your new CD on my Xmas wish list!
Good luck with rehearsals and the early shows.

Siv said...

Hi Sissel!

You did a great choice when you decided to bring Unni Wilhelmsen on tour. She's an amazing artist and a wonderful person both on and off stage.
Good luck and have lots of fun on tour :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
I love you and I love your music. I loved hearing the music on your title page. So many songs I know and love. I'm looking forward to all your new music. No one sings like you in all the world. Best wishes always.

Luna said...

Hi Sissel
I really hope to see you in one of your concert one day, Norway is a country that I really would like to visit landscapes must be really amazing there ^^ Good luck with your next concert by the way !

Big big fan from France

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
Firstly,Thank you so much for a
fantastic concert in Stavanger,it was
superb.Also for taking the time to say hello and sign after show,it was a real pleasure to meet again and
it was so special,thank you also to
Bjorn for taking our photos..
Good luck with rest of tour in Norway.Best Wishes,

ah241991 said...

Dear Sissel
Many thanks from France for agreeing to receive my wife and me, last Saturday after your concert in Oslo Spektrum.
What you do not know is that I was not informed of this meeting.
My Norwegian friend Knut, present at this concert, had contacted your manager on your Internet site to organize this meeting, but he had not told me!
When before the concert, someone brought us 2 pictures of your CD Til deg, I did not understand why. I thought I had been randomly selected to receive a copy of the CD Til deg, I had already received in France a few days ago.
This is my Norwegian neighbor who understood, and asked me how I had to meet you after the concert.
This gave me a shock as 100,000 volts!
Then, when you said on stage: I know there are viewers who come from Germany, France, Holland. Your several seconds silence that followed the word France seemed to last 100 years. Especially when you said "Do you understand what I say ?" ! I hesitated to raise my arm.
My meeting with you was a moment of immense pleasure. I can not realize that it is the same person I saw and that gave me so much listening pleasure for 18 last months.
Next year I will return to Oslo for Christmas concert, or to Bergen if you give a summer concert.

Anonymous said...

Hei Sissel!
"Til deg" er virkelig en helt nydelig plate! Liker alle sangene på den veldig godt, men "Velkommen hjem" og "Saknar dig nu" traff meg rett i hjertet. Jeg tar turen "sørover" til Tromsø by og konserten din der 3.desember,gleder meg stort. Ønsker dere en flott turnè!
Hilsen fra Gudrun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,

We are looking forward to come to your concert in Stockholm in February. We live in the Netherlands and we are happy that we are finally able to come to one of your concerts.
See you in February.

Camilla Jilderup said...

I´m looking forward to go to your concert!

lisaberge said...

Hei Sissel.
Var på min første konsert med deg her i Trondheim den 25.November. Det var helt fantastisk =) Vært fan av deg siden Havfruen Ariel..hehe =)
Du synger så utrolig fint.. Tror ingen andre synger med sånn klarhet i stemmen sin som deg live.. Det var en fryd å høre på deg. Tusen Takk =)
Gleder meg til neste gang jeg skal høre deg live.

Hilsen Lisa 1984.