Monday, December 28, 2009

What a year 2009!

Dear friends,

Thanks for your notes and messages on my blog!

My writing on this blog has been very poor this year. There has been so much going on. So much good going on!

The new project with Odd Nordstoga, ''Strålande Jul'' took some time and travel, as did the concerts. When I wrote my last blog from the studio sessions, it was still a well kept secret that Odd and I were working together. He is a very well known and beloved artist in Norway. So I could not mention him then...

This Christmas album has been a huge success, and for the first time I have been touring away from home for more than 14 days. But then again my family could visit me on tour, and that was nice. Very nice!

Our Christmas tour in Norway and Sweden was a real treat! Great people to work with and I have got new friends that I will love to work with again and meet off stage! Great music and audience every evening!

In Sweden, 3 Swedish acts joined us (the band, Trondheim Soloists, Odd and myself):

The Real Group, a wonderful and very talented vocal group, Orsa Spelmenn, folk band that plays and make everyone smile, and Christer Henriksson, a wonderful actor with a great presence and he had the best sermon about the Gospel I have heard in a long time!

Odd is such a gifted and talented musician and composer. And a wonderful person! From the first time I heard him I just new that our voices would work well together and I love his musical universe! We met for the first time in his kitchen lastJanuary. And the project has been like a dance on roses from the start till the end. A meant to be! Now we will continue on our own paths. If our pathways will ever cross again? - I don't know....

The time has come to look at a new year.

I have a plan to start recording a new album when I have the songs that I like! So I expect summer will be my studio time. And I will travel to a place I have never been before!

For the rest of this year I will just enjoy my good friends and get good energy for a great start on a great new year! This year has been filled with so much to thank for!

I start singing concerts in the first week of 2010. Then I will travel to the Northern Part of Norway, above the polar circle, and I am looking forward so much to these concerts and to spending some time in this beautiful part of Norway!

To everyone of you:

Have a wonderful and sparkling New Year!

God bless,




Uriah - אוּרִיָּה said...

A happy, healthy and peaceful 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas together with your family and some good friends! And thank you so much for all your wonderful concerts we were able to visit this year! The concerts with Bryn in Bergen and with Odd in Oslo were excellent. Thank you so much, that you sang "O Helga Natt" so unbelievable beautiful! Your two concerts at Troldhaugen are memories for life - absolutely!
I'm very much looking foreward to hearing something about your new album. And you wrote that you will visit a place that you have never seen before - I wonder what kind of place that could be...? You have already been to so many countries before! I will travel to Northern Norway in February. I have booked a cottage 80km from Tromsö for two weeks where I hope to see the Northern Lights. Maybe you will give a concert in that region?

My wife and I wish you and your family a very, very good and successful New Year 2010. May all your wishes come true.


Akira said...

Dear Sissel,
I am happy to hear you.
And happy for your successful tour and concerts.
We are waiting soon for your new album and/or DVD.
God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,So good you enjoyed your year,it was a great one for Im sure 2010 will be.Just keep happy as you are and smiling..Hope you enjoy concerts in north of Norway,would love to travel there,it must be so beautiful.Peggy hopes to come to a summer concert if there is any..Iwant to thank you again and wish you a very happy and peaceful
Very best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I 28,5 minusgrader

under vakker natthimmel og omgitt av hvite fjell, minnes jeg og takker for årets vakreste konsertopplevelser og en helt fantastisk strålande jul.
Kjære Sissel, en dypfølt TAKK for det du gir. Det er det fineste jeg vet og jeg gleder meg enormt til neste gang.

Hilsen Gunnar

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you Sissel!
Hope you had a fantastic Xmas and here's to a terrific New Year!!!

walui said...

That good that you worked a lot in 2009 because I could attend here in Brazil for the internet, but I hope you don't have if tired!The concert in Bergen in the festival and "O Helga natt" in Oslo Specktrum were superb! I tks to God for you to exist, Sissel! Have a 2010 with a lot of health, peace and happiness for her family and her musical family also! Walter (Brazil)

Ivo said...

Happy new year Sissel! it's good to see some signs of life on this page ;-)

hoping to attend one of your concerts one day... "One day". :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel ,Ive missed your blogs so much ,but thank God i hear your music every day..I had my trip to Europe in late oct,until the middle of November it was truely the most wonderful experience ,I have ever had ,I saw 7 counties & have already planned my next trip to be to scandanavia to see the northen Lights..wanted to come this time ,thats why i traveled at that ime of the year , but ran short of money ..will watch your concert dates & come when you have a concert so i can see you while Im there.. Love you Mary

Bengt och Johanna said...

Tack Sissel

För konserten i Örebro. Det var första gången vi fick uppleva dig live och det var en oförglömlig upplevelse. Det gick kalla kårar på ryggen då ni framförde I En Steingrå Vinter och sättet du framförde O Helga Natt på ...kan inte beskrivas utan måste upplevas. Alla andra musiker får du också skicka varma hälsningar till.
Trevligt att du är på bloggen igen. Förstår vilken tid det måste ha tagit att få ihop musiken och konserterna. Sjunger själv i en kör och bara för några framträdanden så fordras mycket tid, träning och förberedelser.
Min dotter studerar i Örebro så då jag hämtade hem henne till julen så hade vi inga andra val än att gå på konserten där.

Tack för att du finns!

Hälsningar från Korsholm
På finska västlandet

Bengt och Johanna

JKRoser said...

I'm sure you've heard it all before Sissel but I love your music. Only until recently have I heard of of you (because of the Little Mermaid which I can say you played beautifully - I love you more than the American version done by Jodi Benson and that's rare for me to say!). (As all your fans say) thank you for all your albums and for staying in touch with us (I don't know many artist who will do that). Have a wonderful and successful new year!

Jennifer Roser (USA)

Ser videresende om mere albumer
og konsertene!! :D
(in English just in case you didn't understand my norwegian since I looked how to translate English into Norwegian online: Looking forward for more albums and concerts!! :D)

Anonymous said...

Minnene fra nyttårskonsert 2010 arkiverer vi helt nær hjertet og under kategorien: 'Private, meget dyrebare'.

Kjære Sissel, konserten rommet så mye. Den føltes storslått, intens, deretter (hvertfall for oss), overraskende avdempet og følsom i den settingen. Vakkert vakkert vakkert ble det. Og i tillegg skikkelig morsomt også.
Så fint det hele var sammensatt!!!
Så derfor TAKK til 'ALLE'.
Men en spesiell TAKK til deg for de vakreste sanger som vi kan flyte på laaangt inn i det nye år.

Eh, altså, helst ikke så veeeldig langt egentlig, når vi tenker oss om;-) En ny konsert er helt greit det altså. Klokken er jo blitt ganske mye allerede så ...


Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel, after reading that you are getting ready yo record a new album as soon as you get the songs in order ..I gave you a CD last year while you were in Kansas City with a new song written by my girl friend its called Hope , she would like very much for you to listen to and record the song ,its beautiful and she wrote the lyrics & music.. it has been released on cd in the uk since last winter ,seems to be selling very well ,a new talent named Ella Mae steiner had recorded it .. but clare told me it would be so special how you arranged it to fit your voice & style if you are intrested in recording it i will put you in touch with her ,or you can get in touch with me as her american agent..god bless you hurry with the new album ,we are all waiting to hear your next venture , love you.. Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
come to Switzerland !!!!!!!!! We have a lot of people here who love you !
happy 2010

Ilona said...

Dear Sissel,
Since I discovered your marvellous singing in so usual place as is, you are my inspiration in many ways of this life, and the main is, of course, singing. I was thinking to go away from this thing, but, since I've heard you, it has been changing in 180 degrees. Thank you.
If all will go right, I'll go to Norwegian Academy Of Music. :)

Best wishes, greetings from Baltic State - Latvia! :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
Thank you very much about your marvellous music you're giving to poeple. You're my inspiration not to go away from music, singing and maybe we will meet someday in Oslo, if I'll get it Norwegian Academy of Music. :)
You're certainly one of the best singers in the whole world.

Greetings and best wishes from Baltic country - Latvia. :))


Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
I'm so happy that you have had such a wonderful year. You deserve it. I listen to your music in my car all the time. I also have the picture that was taken with you at Barnes and Noble when you came to Salt Lake City for Northern Lights. I will always remember that night. You were so kind and loving to all the people. I love you and your music so very much. Best wishes for 2010 and forever. Love, MKD in SLC

Ellen Rosnes said...

Hei Sissel.Sitter her og ser på alle de flotte bildene av deg og 'Sissel' - rosen som du døpte på Baroniet august 2009. Takk for at vi fikk være med på den fantastiske dåpen :-) Vil du ha bildene tilsendt? Ha en flott dag! Hilsen Ellen Rosnes

Nancy Williams said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write on your blog. I know how exteremely busy you are. You have inspired so many with your wonderful spirit and music. I had the priveldge of hearing you with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in "The Spirit of Christmas". My son Zeb and I also met you at Deseret Book in Salt Lake and also at your concert in Salt Lake. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I hope some day you are able to come back home to Salt Lake, we would love it. I hope you and your girls have a wonderful 2010! Thanks for making this world a far better place to live! Love, Nancy Williams

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
Looks like the winter is winding down, snow is starting to melt,and the birds are singing a little louder in the afternoon.
I've taken off a couple of days for what may be the last skiing of the year.Hope you have been able to ski this year. If not you better get out there soon! The image I have on my computers desktop is of you in Hardangervidden, it's a dream!
It was very nice to have seen some of your concert in Oslo with Odd on You Tube.You looked as beautiful as ever.
Hope you are working on some enjoyable projects and that 2010 is going well.
Still the same,

Hedda said...

Hei Sissel,
så flott at du har fått en blogg.
Du har en himmelsk vakker stemme! Veldig beroligende å høre på ♥
Lykke til videre med din fantastiske musikk,du er virkelig en inspirasjon for meg!
Beste ønsker fra Hedda

Hedda said...

Må tilføye at jeg fikk cden med deg og Odd Nordstoga til bursdagen min i desember. En flott plate,og stemmene deres går veldig godt sammen. Bra jobbet!

Azaris said...

Thank you Sissel. Your music and the "soul" in the music really touches my heart. I hope to meet you some day, when and how I do not know, but I am open to what the Universe opens up for. Blessings to you and your soul on your journey. Joy and Love Azaris from Norway

Anonymous said...

It's a great pleasure to talk to you. I'm from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and I was wondering: When I'll be pleasured to hear your voice at my town? I'm a big fan of your concerts. Despite the fact that I'm not rich, I always had acess to classic music and erutid songs. You've once sang the best version of Giacomo's 'O Mio Babbino Caro'. I'd really like to hear you here, in Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,Hope you are well and enjoying your life right now.Just wanted to wish you A Very Happy and peaceful Eastertime.Hope you have lots of fun and take care.See you on the road..
Liam Wilson

Anonymous said...

I wish you well for the new year (although we're now already into Spring!). I truly hope you can tour the United States again, and soon! Unfortunately, it was not until you had already been to St. Louis on your last tour that I discovered (and fell head over heels with) your music. A couple nights ago, my wife and I attended a concert of another international act touring the States and as I was listening to some of your music at work this morning, I could not help to think what an absolute thrill it would be to see YOU and experience YOUR music at a live concert! I will be first in line! Sissel, God has blessed you with an amazing voice, like none other I have heard. I am very thankful I was watching the PBS station that day and saw you singing. I wish you the best for the new year.
St. Lous, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

first heard you in a christmas concert from vienna many years ago with the 3 tenors thank goodness for computers have been listening to your songs most of the afternoon, find it difficult to buy your music in england hope one day you will come to england my husband adores your singing.

Anonymous said...

i found you on You Tube and what a find and what an exceptional Lady you are your music is awe inspiring your talent knows no bounds .. it is a privilege to listen to you sing such beautiful songs i live in the UK and i have to admit not having heard of you before WHY i dont know with such talent but i sure am following you now and listening to your music every opportunity i get God bless you may you long reign .....

Anonymous said...

Hi sissel i have so enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for the beautiful photos you have inserted Norway looks fabulous in every way ..i so enjoy your music and have only become a fan over the past few months but already i have quite a collection of your CDs day i hope you come to england to where i live so i can see you in concert that would be wonderful .. God Bless you you have a voice of an angel ... Carole / England ....

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel, i am happy to hear that you had a succussful year in 2009.thanks to youtube and all the wonderful contributions of some of your fans i have rediscovered your wonderful are truly the queen of all angels.any chance of touring austrlia any time soon?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
I keep looking on your blog site and hoping that you will have some news for all of us who love you and your music so very much.

Love, MKD in SLC

Elísa said...

I absolutely love you and your music, Sissel!
I'm at the moment very addicted to your album "All Good Things", and "Should it Matter" is my all time favorite, your voice is just so pure and sincere in it - it's even hard to get rid of the goosebumps afterwards!
Hopefully you'll come back to Iceland some time. I have the Frostroses concert on DVD - it's brilliant and you're obviously the highlight there! :) Do you own it for yourself? I would probably die if I'd be allowed to buy it and send it to you, haha :)
Can't wait to hear new material from you! Your voice is just breathtaking.

Þú ert ædislega gód! :-)
Elísa frá Íslandi

Anonymous said...

Hello Again Sissel,I just spent the most wonderful Friday nite with you, watching your CD's &
listening to your music..I cant wait until your new Album comes out
and you start another tour to the USA, please dont forget Kansas city .. i will be there to meet & greet you again.. thank you for being the wonderful person you are ..Love you Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,
Happy Birthday. I hope you are well and happy and that everything is going well with your new songs whatever they are. I miss you.
Love, MKD in SLC

Ivo said...

you may have forgotten about your blog, Sissel, but we have not forgotten about you! happy birthday! we love you.

cheers Sissel,
Ivo Saric

Anonymous said...


Hilsen Gunnar

Stenar said...

Gratulerer med dagen! Håper du har hatt en fin fødselsdag. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love the songs of singer Sissel, his voice is wonderful!

São Paulo

Anonymous said...

Sissel, uma Deusa!
Portugal, Adora a tua voz maravilhosa.
Voz mais linda nunca escutei."Ave Maria" inspira...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
I am a huge fan of yours and always will be. Thank you for enriching my life with your beautiful songs and smiles. It's hard to explain, but you light up my life with you singing. What a wonderful gift God has given us. Norway should be proud that you are one of theirs. Much love and happiness in 2012.Enjoy your year off with your family.:)