Monday, July 7, 2008


Hello dear friends!

Thank you so much for all your kind greetings for my birthday! I had a wonderful time with family and friends! -As I did the day before, so a bit tired at the end of the week.....
Now I am sitting at the castle 'Baroniet in Rosendal' writing to you. I had 2 concerts here with my guitarist , Geir , and pianist Kjetil some days ago. It went very well. It was great fun! The atmosphere here at the castle is so special. Calm, peacefully and loving.  These thick walls have many stories to tell! And that itself is an inspiration as the nature outside.
 The Rose garden is breathtaking right now. Last night I was so lucky to be asked if I wanted to go out and pick myself a big bouquet of roses.  I felt like a princess there I walked through the park with my choice of roses. 
For the moment I am working on some new material and as you may understand; this is a perfect place to be....

Take care! And I am looking forward to the next concerts this summer!



jack crossfire said...

You know what. It's time for another grammar check.

"This is the my way of sharing with you" should be "This is my way"

Then you'll be ready for your grammy.

Ivo said...


i'm glad your birthday went well! it's the one day of the year we all should be able to enjoy :-)

i can't wait to hear your new material! it will for sure be awesome! and i have a suggestion: if/when you have a duet in the works, why not team up again with the great french singer Mr. Charles Aznavour? His music is what introduced me to your fantastic music, and i have been a huge fan of yours ever since! :-D

I'm sure many others share this story of mine, so you can imagine how much we'd love to see another collaboration with you two fabulous artists! :-)

wish you all the best in your future! take care sissel!

your fan

Anonymous said...

Når en er inne i et slott kan der hende at en møter en helt ekte dronning.
Det hendte meg.
Men da hun begynte synge lød det så uvirkelig vakkert at jeg begynte tvile på om det hele var virkelig. Kansje det bare var en drøm?
En drøm om en engel som fylte den gule salen med den vakreste sang.
Men det var ingen drøm.
Det viste seg nemlig at engelen også var helt virkelig. Hennes nærvær og omsorg for både liten og stor var så tydelig og merkbar.

En inderlig takk for den ekte magi,

hilsen Gunnar

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best of life: Love, happiness, and good fortune always! As a wise Irishman once said, “May the wind be always at your back and the sun shining warm in your face!”
Thank you for sharing, writing, and for caring about your fans! As good old Frank sang, “I did it my way…” And your way is always okay with me!

Your fan always,
Little Raccoon

PS/ My anticipation is growing every day “new material”…hum…what will it be? A pleasant surprise I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,
So glad you enjoyed your birthday with family and friends.The castle sounds so beautiful,Iwill have to visit on my next trip to Norway.The
rose garden also sounds so nice,I
can almost smell roses.Is the rose which was named after you growing there?Yes Iremember you telling me you were working on new album,look
forward to that.I notice some fan wants you to duet with Charles Aznavour,yes that would be nice,so would Placido.You told me your daughter was taking an interest in music,maby mom and daughter duet...Keep smiling,and be safe and well.Your Irish fan..Liam Wilson.

Hem & Lyckas Mia said...

Låter riktigt mysigt i slottet! Ett försenat grattis och en fortsatt trevlig sommar önskar jag dig!

Anonymous said...

my dear sissel,Im so glad your working on some new Songs, i hope some of them are from the CD i gave you in Kansas city,I think that music would sound so wonderful accompied by your beautiful voice .. will be waiting to see what you next endevour brings.. hope you come back to the USA soon for another tour...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel, Are you going to be in Salt Lake City for christmas this year? If so i will plan to come and hear you again..
Your Fan

Troll said...

Sorry I missed telling you happy birthday. Hope the best for you and please release a new cd in the near furture.

Ivo said...

i like liam's comment:

"I notice some fan wants you to duet with Charles Aznavour,yes that would be nice,so would Placido."

perhaps a gala concert in Bergen with these two legends? :-D that WOULD be awesome!

A Friend said...

Dearest Sissel, We miss you! Come to the USA soon. My husband and I were able to see you in concert three times this year and once previously with the Mormom Tab. The audience size varied from 21,000 to 350 but there was one thing the same in all of your performances; you had the audience begging for more. We really do love you. Thank you for following your heart with your music. It's refreshing to have such a great artist/performer just be themself.
My almost three year old little girl was saying the blessing on our dinner one night and she said: "Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus. Thank you for Sissel. Thank you for mom and dad and the food." ;-) See how highly your thought of. This is a true story by the way. I love the inocence of children. She also thought you live at the Conference Center, SLC.
There are a few rumors going around about an album this fall. Could you comment on that?
Your castle sounds wonderful. Very inspiring and beautiful. See ya, Leeny

A Friend said...

Oops. I ment to say my almost four year old daughter not almost three.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Sissel,
I cannot beleive the stupid comment from this jack crossfire?Is he? for real,if so he needs to get a life.Im sorry,but it made me so angry reading this rubbish...
Take Care,Keep Safe.
Liam Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,Im a friend of Mary who has postes,she introduced me to your beautifl music,which i have come to enjoy very much.mary had the lovely honor of meeting you in kansas city,this year i believe she gave you a Cd with music 0n it tow piecea on there were written by myself,it would be wonderful to hear your interpertation of them ..
Clare H. from UK England

Anonymous said...

you web site is very hard to get on ,i some times cant see the letters to type.. could you have the tech check it out .. your fan

Anonymous said...


Så kjekt at du koste deg i Rosendal!
Kvinnherad loves u very much!
Ønske deg lykke til fremover - måtte livet velsigna deg med alt det har å gi!