Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Dear Friends!

I have had some wonderful days working with my band. We tried out some new songs at our concert in Alvdal, Tronsvangen Seterhotel. What a view and place for a concert! Perfect for our start ''Dovregubbens hall'' , from "Peer Gynt"  by Edvard Gireg! 
It was so nice to see some of you again from former shows. Thank you so much for coming all the way! I really do hope that you enjoyed the time up in the mountains as much as we did!
Now I will have some time off with my family and friends. Relaxing and enjoying the summer holiday.  But even though it is holiday I can't help my mind working with the new songs. Maybe I will get some new ideas? You never know.... But first I will go for a swim....
Take care and enjoy the summer!



Relax said...

Hello again my dear idol.

Great to hear about that. I hope you will have some nice, fresh ideas for your new songs.

Summer is nice. Sunset is so beautiful in Bergen during the summer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissel,Glad you enjoyed your concert in Alvdal,Im sure all who were there enjoyed it.Sounds like a lovely place for concert.Im off to Berlin next Thursday for4days to a concert,you may have heard of them,Gregorian,Masters Of Chant;
They are just guys from English choirswho sing,and dress in Gregorian costume.They do all pop songs,ann are produced by Frank Peterson.Hope you have a great summer with family and friends.
Keep safe and well.Best wishes Always;.Liam Wilson;Dublin.

Droctor Who said...

Sissel :)

I really love you and your beautiful voice, and I really really want to see your show. Wish you will come to my dear country China and make a concert in the future :D

The Starving States said...

Novay is so foreign. Lots of mountains, difficult traveling, staying overnight for trips that we would do in a day on the interstate.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Sissel,I am so glad to hear you will finally get some time with your family and friends,you deserve it, you work so hard to please all your fans..
You have that incredible Angelic voice, that gives me such peace of mind ..I listen to your music every day,and i eagerly await your new music ... Mary

Anonymous said...

Tack själv kära Sissel, nöjet är helt på min sida som bara kan sitta och njuta av dessa underbara stunder du ger från scener runt om i världen. Den lilla kritik som Jag vill framföra denna gång gäller konsertens längd. 1 timme och 15-20 minuter kändes snöpligt kort och en stor saknad och tomhet infann sig desvärre.
Jag hoppas du tar igen det vid framtida konserter.
En fortsatt skön sommar önskas dig och dina nära och kära!
Hälsningar från,
Martin, Örebro, Sverige

Walui said...

Hello Sissel! I hope really you have a good and profitable rest with his family.The family is the first institution that GOD did in that world! A prophet said one time: "Any success in the life, compensates the failure in the home! " Take care of his family, as always has been doing, and mainly of his crystal voice. Have care and happinesses! Walui (Brazil)

Anonymous said...

Hei på deg igjen kjære Sissel og tusen takk for den vakre konserten i Alvdal. Jeg vil ha mer, mye mye mer, og gleder meg stort til neste anledning.
Men først, masse sommer og badeliv. Her er det badetemperatur døgnet rundt. Håper du og dine også har det helt topp.
Sommerklem og hilsen fra Gunnar

erasmusthewise said...

I hope you're having a lovely time with family and friends and are enjoying as pleasant weather as we are currently in the UK.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in concert again, in Denmark, later this year.
It would be good if you have been inspired for new songs, of course I'm sure your fans on the forum would be delighted to make suggestions for songs you could perform!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sissel , More pictures of you on your blog please ..we enjoy seeing what your doing as well..
your biggest fan

Ivo said...

hope your summer is going well sissel!

I hope your rest and relaxation helps you come up with some more new, splendid tunes for your next album!

take care!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sissel,

many greetings from the hotel "Soria Moria" in Oslo! The first song on this album is "Se over fjellet" - but this is totally impossible today, because all is covered by clouds! Today we visited the Munch-Museum and the new opera. Perhaps you will give concert there one day? We have spend three weeks in Nornes at the Sogndalsfjord. Nearly all the time weather was so wonderful. What a feeling to swim in the fjord and see the snowcovered mountains at the same time! Norway and especially the "Vestland" is fantastic. In the beginning of our holidays my wife and I had the chance to see you and your musicians on stage in Alvdal from the first row . What a pity that the beautiful concert was over so very soon! I wish you all the best for the upcoming concerts!


Anonymous said...

Etter å ha hørt deg synge "Shenandoah" og andre store perler på spilleren min i timesvis, vil jeg gjerne kommentere at å høre deg synge er en ren opplevelse. Stemmen din har en så utrolig 'helbredende' effekt; som man sjeldent er vitne til. Ubeskrivelig vakkert.

Ønsker deg samtidig lykke til med de nye sangene. Ser fram til å høre dem. :-)

Juliana said...

Hello from Utah :)

I'm so glad I found your corner of the Internet here. I started hearing about you after you sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir a couple years ago. So a few weeks ago, I got on iTunes and purchased a few songs. My new favorites!

I am looking for sheet music but have not found any! I hope that you will make some available to those of us who share your passion for music, although we may have only a sliver of your talent. :)

OettingerCroat said...


hope your summer holiday is going great, holidays are the one thing we can almost never have TOO much of :-D

i love reading your blog, as I'm sure others do as well, because it is such an awesome thing to be able to keep in touch with a really cool person as yourself.

Sissel, you are the idol to all of us! just keep on being who you are, we ALL love you for it! you are a blessing to this Earth!

take care, and i hope you are having a very enjoyable time touring and relaxing!


Everyone said...

Hi Sissel,
Hope you are having a great summer. I feel a change of seasons in the air though.
?Are you there? Do you read these?
Sincerely, Just a fan of yours.

A Friend said...

Dearest Sissel,
I saw some of your August 8th concert on youtube and you looked and sounded superb. What a fun outdoor setting; the audience seemed very casual. I just love to see you perform especially in person. You have such grace and a magical way with the audience. I'm sure your beautiful voice hypnotizes us all. Thank you for doing what you love and sharing your talents with the world. I know you've worked very hard developing and perfecting your talents. Thank you.
So are you done with that swim yet?
I hope your summer has been full of family, friends and fun. I wish you the best always. Leeny :)