Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome Friends !

I'm starting this blog now, as I embark on my 2 week USA tour, so that I can share my impressions and thoughts with you throughtout my trip - from the 7th - 17th of February. Blogging is totally new for me - this ought to be a lot of fun!

I look forward to seeing you at my concerts in Chicago, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Boston, Hartford, Red Bank, NJ and Glenside, PA. But, for those of you that can't make it there this time ... well, you can check-in here to read how it went.


Relax said...

Hello dear Sissel,

welcome to the world of blogging. ^_^

I am your fan who travelled a long way to Oslo to buy your Norwegian CDs and visited your lovely hometown in Bergen.

You are so lovely!

Sarah B has covered your song "Where the lost ones go"
How do you think of it? I think you might be very please of it :-)

I hope you will have a nice time in US.
Take care and be well!


Leeny said...

Hi Sissel, We are so looking foreward to seeing you here in Salt Lake City! I hope everything goes well.

Leeny said...

Hi Sissel,
I am a huge fan of yours and listen to your music every day.

I love the song "When Will My Heart Arise." I heard you sing it in English on a talk show you did here in Utah. Did you also put it on your greatest hits album but sang in a diferent lanuage?

Good luck on your tour, you will be awesome. We'll see you in Salt Lake City. I'm looking foreward to meeting you at the meet and greet.

Phil said...

My wife and I are looking forward to seeing you on thursday the 5th
Phil M

Phil said...

Looking forward to seeing you on the 7th love yor music Phil M

Anonymous said...

Hello Sissel,
Oslo appears very beautiful with the snow on it.In August I remember that the Oslo area looked very much like my home in the Idaho mountains.I just bought your Northern Lights CD and DVD and enjoy them immensely. I pray for your safe travel and health. May your American Tour be the best for you so far. I know it will be terrific for the lucky fans.

Anonymous said...

Sissel -- I just came home from your Park West Concert in Chicago. Is what I just experienced real, or a dream! Your pure, expressive voice and your creative approach to all your selections made me feel so privileged to hear you in concert. Your musicians excell as well. If I could, I'd drive to MN to experience this again tomorrow.
A fan of yours since you were 16 -- Ruth

Anonymous said...

Sissel, great: your blog !! I live in the netherlands and I'm your greatest fan over here. We 've been to your concert in Oslo and last year in Dalhalla. Perfect. Do wish you a very succesfull American tour. Maria Jacobs from the Netherlands

kajsmusic said...

Bravo from Minneapolis! I have a library of your recordings starting with the magnificent "Back to Titanic." This was my first experience hearing you live in concert and I will treasure it as a unique event for the rest of my life. In concert, you are awesome. You sing opera superbly. There is purity and warmth in every note as you build the power of your voice to reach spellbinding heights. As you pass through America and the world--like an angel--you heal us all with music like none other.
Friends have asked me for some details; no printed reference material was provided. Kjetil is famous through your many recordings, but who is your fantastic fiddle player/violinist? Who are the other members of your very talented support team? I'd love to have a list of your Minneapolis encores.

Ángel said...

Amazing! Your own blog. :)

This is a great idea!!

Soy Español, así que escribiré algo en mi idioma, que domino mejor. ;)

Es una gran idea que el artista esté tan al alcance de su público, y sus fans.

Felicidades por tus canciones, por los arreglos de las mismas, y por tu voz.

Saludos desde España, de otro músico. No te desanimes en tu camino. :)